3 Mistakes to Avoid Business Failure

3 Mistakes to Avoid Business Failure

Some common threads for business failure can be avoided. ...more

Mistakes In Business

December 12, 20222 min read

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Who is Walt Bayliss

Unlocking Your Magic through Entrepreneurship

Hailing from a small country town in Western Australia, Walt Bayliss's journey is an inspiring tale of resilience, passion, and ceaseless innovation. Born into a family of farmers, Walt's entrepreneurial spirit was kindled early. Sent to boarding school at the age of 12, he faced the challenges of city life with little financial support. This spurred him to start his first business at 15, going door-to-door washing cars.

Walt built his career on a foundation of hospitality and sales, discovering a love for serving others while honing the art and psychology of selling. He navigated the intricate world of marketing strategies and product development, always ensuring his creations resonated with his clients' needs. One of his most remarkable achievements includes a staggering three-quarters of a million dollars in revenue generated in just 7 days. His entrepreneurial acumen led him to successfully exit a webinar platform, selling it to an investment group.

A Tae Kwon Do black belt, Walt draws parallels between the discipline of martial arts and entrepreneurship. His journey in Tae Kwon Do has taught him the value of persistence, instilling in him the belief that continuous learning and unwavering determination are key to mastering any craft. Walt often shares insights on overcoming the fear of failure, emphasizing that the anticipation of a challenge is often more paralyzing than facing the challenge itself.

In 2019, Walt delivered a standout talk in Bangkok, exploring themes of vulnerability and courage essential for an entrepreneur's path. He passionately speaks about unlocking one's inner magic, focusing on self-worth, uniqueness, and the courage to persist.

In 2021 Walt founded an international software company with two co-founders called Comet – that currently includes thousands of clients from all over the world, with the product being that of lead generation and business growth.

Balancing his entrepreneurial journey with fatherhood, Walt cherishes the time his career has afforded him to be actively involved in his children's lives. He views fatherhood as a leadership role, emphasizing the importance of being present for those special familial moments.

Walt's philosophy is centered on the power of choice. He believes that everyone has the potential to steer their tomorrow based on the choices they make today. His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is succinct yet profound: let the market determine your value, create for it, and tirelessly work on expanding your reach.

While Walt hasn't sought the spotlight of media appearances, his journey and insights resonate with everyone who has had the privilege of learning from him. His podcast episodes of ‘Buiness and People’ reached fortune 500 CEO’s, Media Personalities, 3 star generals and Olympic athletes. Walt Bayliss is not just an entrepreneur but a storyteller, inspiring others to unlock the magic within themselves and chart their own path to success.

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