Hi Everyone.
My name is Walter (Walt) Bayliss.

I am the host of the Business and People podcast,  an online entrepreneur, and software company owner.

Building businesses over the past 8 years online, I have created a million dollar per year income, with RECURRING Revenue. Focused now on creating lifestyle businesses and helping others achieve their true life's potential.

I am lucky enough to earn a full time income from our online business, and able to travel with my family, enjoying the lifestyle and plugging in where ever there is a connection.

It wasn't always that way… Lots of ‘trying to get started' stories.  Feel free to read a little bit more.
It really is a pleasure to connect with you.

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  Today we have a strategy for earning income online that involves finding and solving problems for everyday people by developing software and systems. See My Latest Posts Here

I have a number of key websites up and running with our products, software and systems.

Moving forward the big focus is on development of systems and software in a few areas such as mobile technology and social media.

The days of being tied to a desk – and having to work 80 hours a week in a job don't need to be a reality.
In truth – anyone can do what I do –

You need to learn. Learn different methods, strategies and techniques.

My journey online started in 2008 when my first daughter was born.
I was working in the corperate world. Dedicated to the job… thinking it was the only way forward.
Sound familiar?
I know many people who have said the same.

but – (personal philosphy….) It doesn't matter if you are 15 or 80.
The internet is the playground for all. Every single person can follow a success strategy and earn good money online.

I look forward to sharing stories with you.
What is working and what isn't.

As well as showing the world through some different eyes – the same eyes that can watch my 2 beautiful  children grow up and enjoy the feeling of pushing forward…. on my own terms.

It is GREAT to meet you.

Yours Sincerely.

Walt Bayliss

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