Who that person Look like….?

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So – I got to thinking…
That I need to accelerate the business and build it into something amazing.
And to do that…. I will need to be the CEO of the company.

To think like that CEO

to make deciscions and direction changes like that CEO

SO – What would that person LOOK like.

they would be fit, healthy and full of energy.

DEAD focusses – no variation or excuses.

they would be well connected.

Have time for everyone, and time for no-one in the same sentence.

(meaning.. in a one – on – one, they could be personal… but – they would be so hugely busy that they have very very little time. )

BRUTAL on time.

and brutal on efficiency – as in… getting things DONE

they would be learning –

and doing.

and fearless when it comes to making steps forward.

Yep – I feel like that sums it up.

looking forward to it.


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