what’s worse than LOW conversions… (there is something…)

What's worse than LOW conversions… ?

When you have a site that isn't performing well –
And by site – I mean… anything you are involved in.

A project, a product, a website or advertisement.

You have put your heart and soul into it – and for some reason…. it just isn't converting as you hoped it would.

But there is definitely – 100% – something worse than low conversions.
And that is NO conversions.

At the moment (at time of writing) we have several projects that are not converting as they should – but… We can change things, right?

We can make tweaks and adjustments until we get what we need to be the desired results.

What's worse than low conversions? even if that fact is frustrating, scary and expensive….

is NO conversions.

When you BEGIN something –
you can alter it until it is right.

But you HAVE to start.

As I mention in the periscope video above (follow me @waltbayliss on twitter for more )
A friend of mine in SanDiego mentioned that he had a training course prepared – something he was an expert in –

and he hadn't launched it… because – What if no-one buys it?

Well – if you don't give them the chance to… they never will 🙂

Sometimes the next step is the scariest.

But you need to take it. You NEED to start.

Only then can you ‘course correct'

I hope it helps.

Yours In Success

Walt Bayliss

Walt Bayliss

Author: Walt Bayliss

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