What do You Mean… Life On Purpose?

What does it mean to live on Purpose?

As I look at life around me, I’m very conscious of the people that live life on their own terms and those who ‘life happens to them’.

I’m not talking about the level of financial success achieved by one group or the other,
I’m simply talking about the conscious level of living vs the oblivious level of living.

In my interview with Dr. Jeffrey Magee http://businessandpeoplepodcast.com/episode-27/
We talked a lot about the statement that this very moment is a pivot point in your life.

Let’s try an exercise.

Imagine a pin board on your wall. A nice big one, longer than your arm span. 

A nice frame around it and good, new cork on the board.

Now – let’s take a pin and put it in the lower left hand corner of that board.

That pin, represents the moment of your birth onto this planet.

Now, what we’re going to do is tie a piece of red string around that pin

And stretch the string to about halfway across the board.
Vertically and horizontally to the exact center of the board, and put another pin at that spot (and secure the string.

This central position reflects this exact moment of your life.

Now – finally, imagine that we have another piece of string, secured to that pin in the center
win a pin tied to the string, but NOT yet placed in the board.

The pin in the center works like the pivot point of a compass.

You can move that remaining string in a full 360 degrees, and at any point in that circle place the pin into the board.

Do you go straight up?
further across?

Down a little and to the right?

The choice is 100% yours.

And if the Pin in the center, represents this present moment in time, then the pin you still have in your hand, represents tomorrow and you can choose what the pattern looks like before you place that pin.

My point being… that every single day – is that pin in the center of the board.

And while you can’t change the string that’s already secure (that’s history)
you can control where you go from here.

That’s what I mean by living a life on purpose.
you control where you put the pins in your board.
You control the pictures that go up on it. The memories and the moments.
You also get to choose the position of the pin tomorrow and for all your remaining tomorrow’s.

When you find yourself in life’s river.
A never ceasing current that flows – you really have unlimited choices.
But they boil down to just two.

Drift – and see where you end up.

Or Paddle and choose.

Will You Paddle


Living life on purpose for me.

I choose to set goals for my direction.

Things in the future that I’d like to have, places I’d like to go, people I’d like to meet, and the person I’d like to become.

That allows me to look at those directions and set plans of action to help get there.
Breaking those plans down to tasks, that require (sometimes) daily action steps
And sometimes changes in what I’ve been doing up until that point.

Like the pins in the board – I’m standing there with tomorrow’s pin – and deciding which way to stretch the string.

Again – only for me,
this gives me a sense of calm. That I can work and change.

I know that there will be things I need to learn ahead…
I know I can’t be all I want to be – by being what I am today.
that much is clear to me.

And that’s awesome.
Because – I have had to learn and grow to get to today.

I’m reminded of the things I’ve been able to do in my life to get to today.
little wins, big wins. Tough times beaten. Decisions made and people developed.

So – as I look at the choice of tomorrow – I remind myself that I’m pretty able to adapt.
And very willing to learn and do, what must be learned and done.


Life. On Purpose.


You get to choose. And that’s amazing.

And what’s also amazing from my own experience is that even when you make wrong choices and find yourself in a ‘pinned position’ that isn’t what you hoped for –
You get to take out that string and a new pin – and have today as a pivot point  – ready for tomorrow.

Ready to paddle?
I hope this has been helpful for you.

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