What about INCREASING G Alert……

Hi Guys, 

A short update about what is COMING for G Alert customers. 

In case you don't know – G Alert Plugin has sold 3000+ copies and now powers tens of thousands of blogs. 


People contact me regularly – and say thanks – with comments like

“This has really give my site a boost”

“Page one for my term!”

So we know it works!!

One of the areas that makes G Alert Unique – is the ability to add in your OWN snippets, as paragraphs, sentances, thoughts, quotes etc.


How to make it BETTER…?

One of the programs I LOVE online is the ARTICLE BUILDER by Jon Leger (same author as The Best Spinner)

 This is an EXPENSIVE program, because of the way it works – which is totally UNIQUE. 

It pulls together articles from around the internet, meshes them together – spins in a paragraph format and produces unique content. 

Works with SENUKE Xcr (which I also use…) And a host of other programs too.


This is what is happening with your plugin…

I am building an ADD IN to G Alert – that will work with Article Builder .

It will work in Two ways. 

1st of all – it will INTERLINK Article Builder content into your posts – giving you more variety.

and 2nd (love this one)  – it will pull paragraphs – RELEVANT to your content and category and post them as the UNIQUE SNIPPETS on your G ALERT posts.

WOW! This will give you TOTAL Automation on your system and produce content that is absolutely UNIQUE and never done before.

SO Looking forward to getting this to you guys.

Now – Here is the catch.

I will be giving away G ALERT PLUS (the add in) for FREE.

As in… TOTAL NO COST to you.


It ONLY works when you have purchased the ARTICLE BUILDER software 
So it didn't seem right to me – to ask you to pay for the plugin – when you need to also pay for the Article Builder it self.

Here is something special for you though…

Right now – for the next 3 DAYS ONLY

Jon Leger is running a HUGE special on the Article Builder Software.


As I mentioned… It is usually VERY expensive 

I currently pay nearly $300 a YEAR for this program. 

The special that Jon is running is ONLY FOR 3 DAYS – and it is that you can get the ARTICLE BUILDER for a one time payment – and never have to pay again. 

So – This is the deal… .

G ALERT PLUS (plugin) will be ready early in 2013 

And you are GOING to want to grab it – and as well – grab Article Builder. 

That Being Said – 
the special is only on NOW.

 So, if you possibly can – Grab Article Builder Now and you will have it up your sleeve for UNLIMITED sites and never a future payment required. 

Paypal are offering something REALLY unique on this special.

They are offering a ‘Pay For It Later' system where you can buy this now – and pay it over 6 months with No Interest.

So… I HAVE to recommend that you get your hands on this.

G ALERT PLUS will be yours for free – My Promise to you on that – but you will need Article Builder to make it work 

So – grab it now, take advantage (pay it over 6 months if you choose…) 

But don't miss this offer. 

I hope you can – 


Yours in Success 

Walt Bayliss


PS: this 3 day offer is REALLY limited – don't wait until the new year when G ALERT PLUS comes… you WILL be paying more at that stage. 

Grab it now CLICK HERE



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