Way Too Many Emails…. And My Compensation For You

Guys… I know.
Way Too Many Emails….

You are getting INBOX Overload…. Let me see what I can do about it, to make it worth your while.

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I KNOW how frustrating it is to keep getting emails after emails… 

You get emails on all the different products – from tons of different people. 

I get it. 
I see it! (my inbox – as of right now) 


So – I want to make it worth your while to open emails you get from me. 

Hopefully to be a bit different in the SEA of other emails coming to you. 

For the people that are ACTIVE and opening the emails they recieve – 
You will be automatically placed in the draw – to win the prizes we are giving away. 

this month – A BRAND NEW IPOD NANO


And TWO Amazon $25 Gift Cards. 

azon25JUST for reading the emails we will send. 

Look, I know that you get too many – and here is my pledge to you. 

I will be sending you emails – 
You will receive updates on our own products – 
As well as products that I use myself and see great value in. 
I personally make sure I own EVERYTHING I ever send to you – Even if it is just launched, I make sure I grab a copy and see it – before deciding to send it or not. 

You will Receive emails a few times a week from me. 

Ocassionally (like in the next few days) 
You will recieve an email a day…  When a few amazing products are launched all at the same time. 


In Fact, none of them may be appropriate for you at this time. 

Just by READING the emails you get from me… you automatically go in the draw. 

So – Stay tuned! 
There is exciting stuff coming… and NOW – you have an even better reason to be on the lookout for emails. 

Thank you SO much for being a client, customer and friend. 

It means worlds to me – and I hope… this is my way of showing that appreciation. 

Yours In Success

Walt Bayliss. 

Walt Bayliss Online Entrepreneur

Walt Bayliss Online Entrepreneur

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