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Can a YouTube video rank in the organic search (SEO) results on Google? Yes, the videos can appear for certain keywords in the organic search results. Google determines whether or not the video will be pulled through. There isn’t any guarantee, however there are a few methods that can be used to improve the chances of your YouTube video ranking in the Google Search results. I will share the case study from one of my personal videos. You can see the video below.


Video view growth on YouTube

You want to increase your videos views from referrals. For every successful YouTube video that I have been involved with, the most amount of views came from being referred from other videos. YouTube has an algorithm that your video needs to trigger in order for it to get views

YouTube video traffic sources

The video content needs to be epic. I will admit that the content for the Korean kid video was a stroke of luck. It was being at the right place at the right time with my camera. Before optimising the video content, I had been testing humourous content on another niche site that I had setup and the ‘Thug Life’ video format with the freeze frame and music had been popular on the internet. I’d decided to edit the video in a similar way and sampled music from Foxy Brown to add to the effect. I liked the video, but I at the time I didn’t think it was amazing and I was hoping that the video could crack 100 views (which would have been my best video at the time). Optimising the video for YouTube and organic search (SEO). Using my SEO skills, I conducted keyword research to find what people were searching for on Google. At the time, I compared the views of other videos for the keyword “Foreigner speaking Korean”, to see if I could rank and get traffic for that keyword. Based on my SEO knowledge, I knew that the video would show up for other similar keywords. Place the keyword in the title of the video. Using the keyword in the title of the video will help the video to rank for the relevant keyword. At the same time, the headline needs to compel people to click on the video. It is important to create a headline that strikes the right balance between keyword optimisation and a click-bait title. You can read more on how to create compelling headlines here. I had toyed around with different headlines for the video that incorporated the keyword. After writing around 25, I settled on this one.


Getting my first 100 subscribers on YouTube – Lessons learned. I started my business YouTube channel late. I launched it in 2015, when it should have actually been launched 10 years earlier. This is because it is becoming more difficult to grow YouTube channels because it isn’t as easy to get exposure on the platform as it was 5 years ago. That being said, I still see alot of opportunity on YouTube, especially as a way to build your audience database. I usually recommend my clients to develop a presence on YouTube and to start building their audience. There are several YouTubers or even businesses that succeed primarily because they have a loyal audience that is prepared to support their business. The larger the audience, the more opportunity there is to grow and succeed. My wife runs her YouTube channel Olivia Rose and grew her audience to over 39,000 people. There are some people that have millions of subscribers on their YouTube channel as well. Ideally, you want to reach 10,000 in your niche so that you will be able to create a pipeline of leads and brand advocates for your business. In this article, I am going to share insights into what I’ve learned while developing my business’s YouTube channel and getting my first 100 subscribers. You need to publish video content that your audience will find valuable. You need to give your audience the content that they desire. You need to understand what your audience desires the most. With my wife’s afro hair channel ‘Olivia Rose’, she understands that her audience wants to learn how to grow long, healthy natural afro hair. She doesn’t stray away from the topic. Every video that’s uploaded must share this value with the audience. You need to publish regularly. I came across very good advice from YouTube Celebrity Casey Neistat, who said that Vlogger Roman Atwood gave him 3 words of advice. “Always be uploading.”


Takeaways. One of the things that I can definitely say is that it is important to publish content that resonates with an audience. This video is almost three years old, but in the last 48h, it has received over 600,000 views. Publishing content is important in order to create opportunity for exposure, sharing and links. Sometimes it happens quickly and other times (as in this case) it takes a long time for things to start kicking in. Below is a screenshot showing some of the places where people shared the video directly from the platform.


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