The Way To Do Video Marketing in 2019

Totally Whitehat, way to RANK videos – to front page
And make those rankings STICK. time after time.

It’s the first ‘all-in-one’ fully whitehat video ranking tool w/ brand new features for SEO in 2019 so the rankings are fully safe & stick.

The creators have already been using it to rank tons of local videos on page 1 of Google & YouTube nearly hands-free…

+ it comes w/ the Commercial Rights so you can sell video ranking services/reports too!

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Why is RankReel So Amazing?

First, it’s broken into 5 core modules to help w/ every phase of video ranking including..

Part 1.  Keyword Search/Analysis,

Part 2. In-depth YouTube & Google Competition Analysis

Part 3. 1-Click Description & SEO Optimization

Part 4. Whitehat Link Building

Part 5. Local Influencer Outreach

w/ powerful features including…

+ ‘Horizontal’ Keyword/Niche Suggestor – Find synonyms & categories relating to any keyword to rank videos ‘for. This finds broader keywords/niches that other keyword tools wouldn’t be able to find for untapped opportunities.

+ Keyword Suggestion Finder – Enter any keyword & find tons of related ones & data like Search Volume, Competition, and Confidence scores for each

+ YouTube/Google Spy – Spy on the top 10 videos for any keyword and see key metrics you can optimize to beat out their ranking in easy-to-understand red, yellow, & green indicators

+ Google Competition Analysis – Just like YouTube competition, spy on the top 10 links for any keywords and see what it takes to beat them out to rank on page #1

+ DFY, Customizable Ranking Templates – Pick a hot local niche & RankReel will auto-generate a high-ranking YouTube title, description, & tags w/ the businesses name & location you’re trying to rank for

+ Whitehat Authority Local Links Maker – Find a variety of whitehat local link opportunities to help your videos rank higher in Google & YouTube

+ Local Influencer Views & Signals – Find & make deals w/ the top local influencers on social media for real social signals & organic video views

& TONS more… this post would be way too long to list all of them.

You’ll Get Amazing Bonuses, Too – see them below

I’ve put together one of my BEST bonus packages to date because this app is so special.

Here’s What To Do Now:

See the bonuses below –
And then Click any link on this page to purchase, and your bonuses will be delivered in the members area of the software itself.


Giveaway Rights to Whiskers and Cheese Method to Get Clients


Whiskers & Cheese Method to Local Clients (by Ben)

Getting clients to sell your videos to may be frustrating at first, mainly because tons of other businesses are trying to sell their internet marketing services too.

This creates an environment where the local business owners automatically delete or don't pick up the phone for anything that may seem like a pitch to sell them services… EVEN IF THEY NEED IT!

Instead you can use this method to get local businesses and video marketing clients to CALL YOU and pay top dollar for your services, even if you're brand new to selling video creation.


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Resell Rights to Sound Sensation – 2000 Premium Audio Tracks and Effects


Music is the key to making a video come alive! Now you'll get thousands of premium audio background and audio effects to use in your PlayPix videos. Includes tons of different niches and styles so you have music for any type of video.



Resell Rights to Commercial Rights to Google Maps Creator


Simple, light-weight and non-bloated Google Map Plugin for WordPress.
Clients need maps of their store on their site and this is an EASY way to set it up fast for profits.


  • Add Google Map API key
  • Adjust map canvas height and width
  • Responsive map, auto center map upon resize
  • Configure map canvas border color
  • Disable/Enable map controls
  • Find your location by typing address (Auto complete)
  • Disable dragging on mobile devices / touch enabled devices
  • Disable mouse wheel zoom


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Resell Rights to Video Gallery App


Video Gallery is the most versatile gallery software tailored with amazing features and spectacular designs.

It is the ultimate gallery plugin that supports audio, video, images, posts, instagram and mixed gallery.

Now you can build beautiful video portfolios showcasing your Vidrepurposer videos or videos for clients!

It offers tons of multiple options with flawless functionalities. Add many as gallery items as you like, quick edit and manage them however you want.



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Premium Stock Video Collection


This big bundle of 100 Live Footage Videos were shot in full HD and are excellent quality. They show a huge variety of different scenes with people eating, shopping, cycling, enjoying their day and going about their daily business. Incorporate these into your own video projects, or videos for your clients.




Longtail Video Traffic Guide with Whitelabel Rights


Learn how to build a huge list and drive hands free traffic with this new guide from me.

You'll learn what longtail keyword research is, how it works today, the best techniques to find longtail keywords that will work for you, how to get traffic and links to your longtail content…

and far more!


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Viral List Builder with Commercial Rights


Use email opt-ins, slide-ins, pop-ups and social sharing to grow your business with this amazing viral list builder tool!


More Than Just an Opt-In Plugin

This is the ultimate online marketing tool for WordPress. Quickly setup email opt-ins, custom ad pop-ups and slide-ins, and floating social bars to drive results and create a following.


Catch Visitors with Smart Exit-Intent

This plugin comes packaged with exit-intent, a favorite of savvy marketers, that detects when visitors are about to leave your site and – BOOM! You can display a pop-up or slide-in to grab their attention.


Adblock!? No Problem.

Promote your pop-ups and slid-ins even if Adblockers are out to foil your plans.

Use wit and charm to slip by ad detection and promote your list or share a special message


Go Big Time with Social Sharing


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Reseller Rights to Title Experiments


Most people decide to read your article based solely on it's title.

Are your titles getting in your way?

Test your titles and discover what your readers find interesting. Get more clicks. Get more revenue.

Use the process of A/B Testing to try different variations of your post titles to get a higher click through rate. It's very simple to add multiple versions of an article title that will be randomly displayed in any post list. Each time the article is listed it is counted as an impression. Each time the article is visited it is counted as a view. This will easily let you see what percentage of impressions get clicked on for each title.




Commercial Rights to 500 Scenic Stock Images


Get 500+ gorgeous scenic stock images valued at $997+ to use in your video. Check out these examples below:




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Resell Rights to Wp Video Focus


WP Video Focus is a plugin that allows you to clip your video and serves as a widget to any corner on your page.

This allows your videos to visibly continue playing when a user scrolls down a page, so they are still able to see the video and not only hear it.

This will help to keep your viewers engaged throughout your entire video while they are exploring the content/other parts of your page so you will never lose the engagement & attention of your viewers that often results in loss of leads and sales.

The plugin will also allow you to position your videos anywhere you want and customize it to make it relevant with your website/webpage design or branding.

There are MANY more amazing features such as countdown-timer, share button and animation/ effect that will help your page get sky-high conversions and engagement.

All of these bonuses are yours. 

Make sure to grab this offer while you can. 

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