The two things I believe in most about business online

The two things I believe in most about business online.

There are two MAIN things… and a bunch of smaller ‘add ons' that make up the big wins in marketing online.

And that term ‘Marketing online' really refers to anyone with a business. From a fortune 500  company to some one looking to make a few extra dollars from their kitchen table… both fall under the same bracket for this discussion.

Those two things are Technology and Traffic.


Can be broken down into a few areas… but mainly, things that make life easier for people. That can be re-phrased into opportunity (depending on which side of the coin you are).
So that wraps in… tools that help jobs get done faster.
Like… A blog for example. WordPress, making it easier for people to Publish content.
A video tool – that makes life easier to get videos made or syndicated.
A social tool – that makes it easier to gain social traction.

All of these, and the other millions of examples that form under the banner of Technology.
Now, as I mentioned – you can look at the topic of technology as a tool or as an opportunity (or both).
What do I mean…
For every tool that is out there – is also an opportunity. To use the tool (of course) but also to make money from the tool in either a direct or indirect manner.


Direct – Either you own it, you created it… and it is an asset that you can monetize through sales and use. Also under the ‘direct' banner is when you look at a tool and then build or create something to compliment it, that (again) can be monetized. For this example – look at the youtube traffic style of tools that were built off the back of Youtube itself. You don't have to be the creator of the ‘backbone' but you can definitely create something to compliment it.

The INDIRECT method of making money is when we look at affiliate programs off the back of those platforms.

Like Webinar JEO as an example.
A tool that is created to help people run webinars online.
Use of the tool to grow your own business.
Recommendation of the tool as an affiliate will earn you an ongoing income.

for almost ALL of the tools that are out there, the ability to earn from them is there.

so that is TECHNOLOGY.

My first belief in online marketing.
Creating tools, using tools, Selling tools, Recommending tools.

The second thing I believe in… (and probably more than the first) Is TRAFFIC


Without it, you have nothing.

Like Technology, traffic has that ‘dual sided coin' as well – as an opportunity as well as a tool.

There are so many forms of traffic to get to know – tackling ONE at a time, getting to know it. Getting to know it so well, that you can explain it to a friend who's never thought of it before…. will see you well.
There are experts in the fields of traffic generation.
They make courses and tools (technology) available to people – they range in price, of course, from pennies to fortunes.

And the cost doesn't necessarily reflect the value: there are cheap options with big paybacks… and the reverse is true.

But I do know this…
When I am recommending something to people, It will be in one of these two categories.

Technology, to use. to implement, to GROW with. And to profit from


Traffic – something new, something OLD (shared in a new way) Something expressed that when implemented and followed through with can make a massive difference to people.

Look at anything online and you will see these two things at the core. Sift the ‘Wheat from the Chaff' to use an old farming expression, and focus on your end goal. What are you trying to achieve.
And what, in those two categories, is going to help to get you there the fastest.

Grow and be merry 🙂

Yours in Success

Walt Bayliss


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