The Success Series: YES You Can

I face this all the time… 

And I hope what I can pen here will help you – where-ever you find yourself right now

YES! You Can. 

It is all you. And YOU are perfect right now. 

You don't need anything to succeed that you don't already have. 

Think of the most successful 3 people that you know. Either personally or through fame – the media etc. 

DO you know something? 

If you asked each one of those people – they would all tell you that they are just like you. 

They have the same 24 hours in each day and they breathe the same oxygen that you are doing right now. 

YES! You really can. 

Almost all of us have that inner desire to achieve. To be more, do more, have more

and yet a very large percentage of us – fail at the first hurdle, which believe it or not is simply the belief that you are ok. That YOU can do it, and that you are worthy. 


The issue of self worth “I am not good enough” is one that everyone faces. Even the most famous people that you can think of – or the business TITANS you hear of…. all of them, at one stage – look at the mirror and DOUBT that they have the skills, the following, the ability to go forward and make something happen. 

And here is the kicker – if not you… then who? and if not now then when? 

Who, if not you – will go out and make that extra money you are looking for? 

Who, if not you, will walk forward and change the lives of your family for the better? 

Who, if not you – will lose the weight, strengthen the relationship or take a few brave steps forward that need to be taken? 

It's you. It is – and always will be – firmly in your control. 

And that is the best news you could possibly ever have. 

WHY? Because that means that if you need something done – you are the one that can make it happen. 

YES! You can! 

If you are reliant on someone else for those things – then let's look at how that might play out. 

The first one…. Let's say it ISN'T you – that is able to make that extra money for yourself. 

SUCK! – I can almost feel your anger. 

Title: When you call me before 9am and after 8pm
Owner: Daily phenomena

Imagine it isn't in your control to make a better life for yourself and your family. 

Wars have been fought – and for good reason, when people tried to take that away

If it isn't in your control to lose the weight – it is actually up to someone else… and they don't care – in fact… they want you to stay overweight – out of shape and die early, because that suits THEIR agenda… 

is that ok by you? 

NO! – Not for one second. 

You have everything you need to succeed, right now. 

You REALLY and truly do. 

If you have that little voice that is saying ‘Yes, BUT….' 
right now – 
What ever comes after that ‘BUT' is your immediate task. 

Yes – BUT – I don't have enough… time, money, connections, will power. 

I have to ask you again… if not you – then WHO? 
And if not now, then when. 

People – a person, and a group – have the ability to mold their environment, to overcome hurdles and to literally move mountains. 

What can't you do? nothing. 

If you put your mind to it – YOU can do it. 

And if it takes you ten years… how old will you be in ten years anyway 🙂 ?

today's post is a bit of a ‘soapbox' 

Take it forward. 
You have everything inside you right now. 

You don't need a single other thing. 

Go ahead and claim tomorrow. 

Yours in Success

Walt Bayliss




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