The Success Series: It All Starts With you

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People are often looking to change their personal circumstances…
I wish –
I earned more money.
I Wish That I was fitter or could lose some weight
That my relationships were better in some way… 

and here is a truth I have rolled with for the last ten years or so. 

It all starts with you. 

And that can be both a terrifying thought -as well as a liberating one. 

Let me see if I can explain. 

You see – if you depend on someone else, to make any of those changes… it is safe. 
it becomes ‘Not your fault' 
and something you can blame. 

“It's not my fault… the company was laying people off. There was nothing I could do….”

“It's not my fault… I have no time, I couldn't go for a run… My schedule is too busy….”

“It's not my fault… She (or he) is always so picky and argumentative… there is nothing I could do…”

And – while that can be a comfortable hiding ground. the reality is – As I have put it in place, is that it also means you don't have a chance to change it. If it is ‘someone else', guess what -they may not have any interest in changing the direction. 

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So how about you? 
Do you have a desire to change the direction? 

Then the only thing you can control is yourself. 

YOU can only change what is inside you. 
you can not control the things outside. 

You can not control the company – but you can make yourself more valuable to them. 
By study. By work. By putting in more than you get paid for… 
By making yourself indispensable. Having a better attitude about turning up early, working harder and staying late. Getting more done in one day than most do in a week. Becoming better about every aspect of what you do – by reading, by developing YOURSELF. You can do that. 

You and only you – can consciously change your habits and timing to fit in 20 minutes of walking or running. 
And it doesn't start tomorrow. It starts now. 
but it is up to you. 

You can't change the expectations of someone else in your life (despite many people trying in their own relationships). The other person is the way they are. Only you can change the way YOU are. 
can you help ease some tension by changing something about yourself? 
can you be neater? more agreeable? See things from the other persons perspective? 
even if you feel you are right… So what? there is more to be said for happiness than doing things a certain, fixed, way. But only you can change what is in your mind – only you. and You can ONLY change what is inside YOU – no-one else. 


Start with the end in mind. 
What do I mean? 

How should it be? 
how should it look if everything in that scenario was perfect? 

What would be the picture – of the perfect set of circumstances in that area of your life. 

Got it in mind? 
crystallize it. By writing it down, sticking a picture next to it. and focusing on it. 

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Thoughts Become Things.

If you can clearly think of how the end result should look – the next step is easy. 
A Thought becomes an action.

You will know what you have to do – in order to achieve that outcome. 

An action becomes an outcome

So – the conclusion is this….

When you – control your thoughts – You control your outcome.

If you want to grow a Peach tree…. 
You can't be planting cactus seeds… 
it just doesn't grow the right kind of tree. 

Look at the fruits (outcomes) and to change the fruits you must first change the seeds.

And those are the seeds you are carrying with you right now. 

Plant the seeds that will grow the right fruits in your life. 
You are in control 🙂 

Yours in Success

Walt Bayliss


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