The Success Series: Action is the greatest ingredient

“I do business with Miracle Workers….” Jim Rohn

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Jim Rohn

I started listening to Jim Rohn in my most successful job,

before I started out as an entrepreneur and in business for myself. 

And of all of the recordings, books & seminars I listened to – the one called ‘The Challenge to Succeed” 
was the one that impacted me the most of all. 

Let me see if I can recap an important lesson… And put it into todays terms. 

On the recording – Jim talks about the process of MIRACLES – 

stating “Word has it, if you are a scholar at all…. that Jesus, was a miracle worker. Word has it… “
I can't verify – I wasn't there. But the story is that he was a miracle worker. 

“Now… If you take a problem to a miracle worker, what will they say? They will say… it's no problem”

People who can work miracles, will be able to solve any problems – because, simply – they can work Miracles. 

Jim goes on to say “I do business with miracle workers all around the world” 

“If you take a problem to any one of them… they will read as many books as they have to, meet whoever they need to, and do whatever it takes to solve the problem” 

It becomes “No Problem” 
that's how miracle workers function. 🙂 

So – let's look at some of the components of working miracles – and focusing on just one of them…. 

“If we all fell to the floor and did as many pushups as we possibly could” Jim continues

“Some could do more and some could do less – but let's imagine that after 10 pushups, you look up at us and say ‘that is all I can do' and we can tell by the look on your face – that you have done all you can”

Title: Push Foward
Owner: Daniel E Lee

“Now the question is…. is that ALL you can do? 
No – because if you rest – you will be able to do 10 more

Rest and you can do 12 more

Rest and you can do 15 more

And you can follow that process, of activity and rest and get all the way up to doing 50 push ups! 

How did you get from 10 to 50? It's a Miracle! “

It is a progressive growth, getting stronger & more stamina – and the results go from 10 to 50 (miracle!)

And under examination – something very interesting is apparent to me. 

IF – in this process, you don't do all you can do each time – you don't get any stronger. You don't get your miracle. 

If you don't take it to the MAX  – you don't get the miracle. 

Let's put that into perspective in your business, relationships, finances as well as health. 

If you CAN do that business task – you need to. 

You need to do ALL YOU CAN. 

If you can say a kind word, or connect with someone in a meaningful way – 

You need to. 

And the miracle process is 100% clear to me. 

You absolutely MUST do all you can. If not…. you will not get the miracle of growth, success and happiness. 

Do ALL you can now. 

Do all you can, whenever you can – 

And the miracle process will kick in for you. 

Yours In Success

Walt Bayliss



Author: Walt
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