The Program I Use MOST online – And It’s Free!

People ask me all the time – 

What is one piece of software that I can't do without… 

In addition to things like Camtasia – for recording screen videos, Dreamweaver for formatting HTML and Skype etc. 

there is one piece of software that really stands out for me 

I use it every day. 
Tens of times…. In fact…. Hundreds of times. 

It is called Auto Hot Key and it's free. (windows only…. sorry Gang. I am sure there is a MAC equivalent out there somewhere)

I type the same things all the time. 

Passwords, Gmail address, My websites, My Logins – Everything. 

and the Hot Key System is amazing… (and free!!) 

and once you get it setup – it is the most time saving system you will ever come across. 

Watch as I set this up… 

There is in depth tutorials – which are awesome. 
but I use it for JUST one of the many things it CAN do. 

I use it to store the shortcuts. 

and the file structure is like this


:*:zzlet::let me know if you have any troubles.

So – you start with :*:

type in your ‘trigger' (mine is zz) 
and type in your shortcut (goo – for google) 

follow it with two colons :: 

and then what you want the shortcut to do… 

so – the scope is unlimited. 

I write LONG replies to questions I get asked all the time…. and set them in my system. 
Put in a shortcut – and click save. 
for example

On my keyboard. 
typing zz followed by let

types this: let me know if you have any troubles.



Including the carriage returns and everything. 

So the command on the file looks like this 

:*:zzlet::let me know if you have any troubles.`nCheers.`nWalt


Where `n inserts the carriage return as I need it. 


By far the MOST used piece of software I own.
And it's free. So.. You gotta love that. 

Anyway – I hope that helps.



(typed with a shortcut… of zz followed by hel) 


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