The Program I Use MOST online – And It’s Free!

People ask me all the time – 

What is one piece of software that I can't do without… 

In addition to things like Camtasia – for recording screen videos, Dreamweaver for formatting HTML and Skype etc. 

there is one piece of software that really stands out for me 

I use it every day. 
Tens of times…. In fact…. Hundreds of times. 

It is called Auto Hot Key and it's free. (windows only…. sorry Gang. I am sure there is a MAC equivalent out there somewhere)

I type the same things all the time. 

Passwords, Gmail address, My websites, My Logins – Everything. 

and the Hot Key System is amazing… (and free!!) 

and once you get it setup – it is the most time saving system you will ever come across. 

Watch as I set this up… 

There is in depth tutorials – which are awesome. 
but I use it for JUST one of the many things it CAN do. 

I use it to store the shortcuts. 

and the file structure is like this


:*:zzlet::let me know if you have any troubles.

So – you start with :*:

type in your ‘trigger' (mine is zz) 
and type in your shortcut (goo – for google) 

follow it with two colons :: 

and then what you want the shortcut to do… 

so – the scope is unlimited. 

I write LONG replies to questions I get asked all the time…. and set them in my system. 
Put in a shortcut – and click save. 
for example

On my keyboard. 
typing zz followed by let

types this: let me know if you have any troubles.



Including the carriage returns and everything. 

So the command on the file looks like this 

:*:zzlet::let me know if you have any troubles.`nCheers.`nWalt


Where `n inserts the carriage return as I need it. 


By far the MOST used piece of software I own.
And it's free. So.. You gotta love that. 

Anyway – I hope that helps.



(typed with a shortcut… of zz followed by hel) 


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  1. Very nice. When the rebuilt PC returns I'll have to play with this. Thanks Walt for the heads up!

  2. Auto Hot Key will save me loads of time. Thanks Walt. I just got to get off my Mac and on my PC to use it.

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