The Man With The Rock In His Shoe

Two successful men
found themselves attacked by thieves
and taking all they owned
they ran for their lives.

They ran as fast as they could
and soon found themselves in a rocky field.

as they ran, with the thieves looking for them and calling to them from behind

they both began to limp and stumble as rocks had entered their shoes.

The first man
and glancing over his shoulder –
quickly removed the rock from his shoe
and now, unhindered
quickly caught up to the second man.

“Don't you want to get the rocks from your shoes so you can run faster”? the first asked of the second.

“I can't” he replied.
“I am too worried that the thieves will catch me if I pause for just a second”

On they ran,
with the first man keeping pace with his friend
who was by now hobbling and crying out in pain at every step.

We must stop
the first man said
and remove the rock from your shoe.

“I can't stop”
the man repeated
“I can feel the thieves getting closer and closer.
If I pause, surely they will over-run me”

And on they run –
With the pair going slower and slower to compensate for the 2nd man's pain.

Soon enough –
the sounds of the thieves
came closer behind them.

“We must stop to remove the rock in your shoe!”
the first man insisted
His own small pains from the rocks, long since forgotten.

“no! we will be caught!”
implored the second, barely shuffling now as the pain was too great.

And the thieves drew closer.

The first man, hesitantly ran a little faster
urging his companion to join him

Yet, he couldn't and soon fell further behind.

The thieves were swift in their descent
to attack the second man.
Taking all he owned
and taking his life as well.

The first man,
now unhindered in his run
Set flight – easily outdistancing the thieves
Who, now content and fattened with the spoils of their first victim
had slowed and soon gave up the chase.

No matter the fears of what may be coming for you.
What the future may hold.
Get rid of the rocks in your shoes that bother you NOW.
as surely – they will be your cause of delay, and death as your troubles come closer. Un-bothered, and free from pain you will be able to outrun them if you act when they first are felt.

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