The magician

A good friend and influence was talking about the magician and their tricks….
People pay big money to go and see a true illusionist (magician)
They are awed and wondered about the way the ‘hand is quicker than the eye'
They ‘kinda' know that the magic isn't real…
But the illusion is SO good, that they wonder – for the rest of their lives about that trick and how it was done.
They are happy – entertained and enraptured.
Repeat… Happy very happy.

So what happens then, if the magician says at the end of the show…. Ok everyone, i am going to break with tradition, and i am going to show you each and every trick we did tonight.

I will show you the preparation, lift the covers and show you exactly how we did the whole thing.

The audience agrees – after all… They really think they DO Want to know.

And so the magician shows them.
The curtains, the illusions, the preparation and the ‘sleight of hand'
He shows them the distractions and the whole thing… Leaving no stone unturned.
The audience, got exactly what they thought they wanted
But now they are sad.
There is no magic
Nothing special
At all

Now – that they know the trick. They are sad. Cheated. And that pleasant experience is gone and ruined forever.

Do people really want to know the trick?
No. Not at all
They WANT to buy the magic.

They want to believe.
they want to be entertained.

It is the same reason for buying lottery tickets
people KNOW the odds of them winning are almost impossible.
but – yet they shell out the cash…
because for that 6 minutes…
once a week… they have HOPE

and they pay for it.

that is the real magic.

People WANT to believe
they WANT the magic.

it makes their life happier – for 6 minutes or thereabouts.

I saw Copperfield in Vegas. (Awesome!! Highly recommended)
I DO NOT want to know the hard work that went into that show…
I am HAPPILY entertained.

Worth remembering…..

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