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The 5 Major Upgrades for G PLUS PLUGIN

There have been some incredible changes to the G Alert plugin.

and on the update now – you will see the plugin called G PLUS in your menu

The changes.

Instant Content – generate instant content based purely on a KEYWORD –
This is thanks to our friends at BIG CONTENT SEARCH (click) Who have a special LIFETIME pricing on this one… so – go for it!

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More Instant Content For Your CURATION –
We added in an incredible ability to drop in paragraphs of targetted articles – (spun if you want them to..)

As part of your curated content .
The way this works – is that it uses the content from ARTICLE BUILDER (click) and adds in these paragraphs.
The effect is huge. It adds in beautifully written content, as part of your curation model.

You need to have a membership at Article Builder for this. CLICK HERE to access. 

Added SEO Benefits. 

We have added in one of the most important parts of the process when it comes to SEO.
The plugin will now create for you the META tags as well as the META Title and META description.

You will be able to enter a selection of keywords, which will be used as the META keywords, and the meta title and description will also be taken from the title and first 160 characters of an ArticleBuilder document


4). Auto Tags

We have been asked a bunch of times for this one 🙂 
Pleased to be able to add it for you — 
So – now you can enter tags (with SPINTAX) if you want to… and select a number of how many tags per post – 
And the system will automatically insert tags for you. 

5). Anchor text rotation. 

We have added in the ability to load in (unlimited) words and phrases to be used as anchor text links in your content. 

You can add in absolutely anything, long or short phrases – and linking to any content (yours or external… even affiliate links if you like!) and the system will automatically insert random links and anchor text for you. 


This Update to the G Alert plugin is free for all clients.

We ALWAYS will provide free updates for life on our software. 

If you want to purchase the G Alert Plugin go here –

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