The Best Days In Business…

These days I am really thrilled to have so many people that I work with on an ongoing basis. 

People LOTS smarter and more talented than me – in many many different areas – 

And what I am finding lately is that the most PRODUCTIVE days in the business are spent when I consult with this group – and guide towards the goals. 

I don't have a payroll of staff – and yet there are many many people around the world that feed their families and live their daily lives through association with our company and with myself… 

Let me see if I can show you what I mean. 

We have LOTS of different software and systems in development at the moment – 

and each one of them has MULTIPLE parts to the equation. 


For example… one software program, has an ebook that is packed with information that we are giving away to people – as a way of capturing their information and getting them excited about what we do. 
From there – they flow into the software and the presentation of that, and purchase, download – to using the program. 

Just that system has loads to do. 

The ebook – is drafted by a professional writer, to our notes and bullet points

the website for giving that ebook away is comprised of graphics (done by a graphics artist) 

and a short ‘spiel' – written by a copywriting professional

the software is done to our specifications by one of our programming teams 

the graphics of the actual software webpage – again by a graphics specialist

and the Full blown sales copy – again by our professional copywriter. 

The support desk is handled by our support team 

and the marketing is handled by one of our two teams out there creating content for the web to bring people to our sites. 

And THAT is a lot of connections. 

So – coming back to the best days in business – 

It is a great feeling to look at the clock in the morning and KNOW that all of our teams of people are on track and humming along on all the different elements of the projects that they have. 

The best days in business come when I get to talk to all the different teams of people (contractors etc that we have a long relationship with) 

Talk to them all, and keep them moving in a cohesive way towards a goal that we have set. 

This outsourcing model is the way that our business runs – and it means a good lifestyle for us and  our family. 

Talented professionals, all performing the tasks that they are best at…. 
with an overview and guiding hand to achieve a pre determined goal. 

The only issue with the process is management – 

Making sure that ALL the cogs in the wheels are turning, because it is easy to lose one along the way – and everything comes to a grinding halt. 

This management is simple when you only have one or two people working on one or two projects. 

But as soon as you throw Multipliers into that mix, it becomes infinitely more difficult. 

One or two people working on MULTIPLE projects… gets tough – as they switch focus, and something is bound to get missed. 
Multiple people working on multiple projects is infinitely tougher.

There are a ton of moving parts – and all of them essential to the end goal. 

I am guilty of not replying to one of our guys and their emails… and then a few days later, I am hitting them up for a status update and they say to me “Well… we need an answer from you on the issue we sent”

So true – 
the cogs in the wheel – need the wheel to keep turning too!

But the best days in business, I am finding, are when all that communication comes together cleanly. 
When the organisation of the multiple projects just seems to click – and all the parties are off producing the parts that they do best. 

Today – is one of those days. 

Everyone ticking along – and all systems go. 

The great part is for me… that means I am free'd up to go and look at some new projects, to invest time into education and direction. 

That is what is fuelling our growth. 

So – the real benefit of this model is freedom. 
I COULD do all those tasks myself (albeit – with less skill) 
but then, if I did that…. not only would the end result be poorer… 
But the productivity of the business as an entire unit would be so fractional… that it would not even sustain the family. 

Sure… it costs money to have professionals doing those tasks… but it costs a LOT more, if you don't. 

Organisation is the key. Keeping all the project people managed. Keeping the outsourced professioinals on path with your goals. 

Makes for good days in business. 


Yours In Success

Walt Bayliss


Author: Walt
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  1. At this moment this blog post has been so soothing and reinforcing my business decisions. So many of us feel like we have to do it all ourselves. I just don't have the time to do it and do it well with out some help. Great article! Glad to have your feed on my google+ where I chanced upon it and had to read the rest.
    Evelyn Kramer

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