Steve Jobs, Gladiators and building EPIC stuff

Monday, just back from Rome


And ready to make some impact this week. 

Building Something EPIC

Some things coming together in my life right now that all resonate the same topic and feeling. 

That things need to be EPIC. 

That producing ANYTHING – software included, needs to be able to stand the test of time – 
Be able to deliver real value for people and produce a result that is continually on the increase. 

The Romans knew that – the movement of the roman nation – and the growth of the empire is a testament to that. The remnants of a great nation can be seen in the monuments and in the global ‘force' that was Rome. 

Steve Jobs knew that –
I am reading the Steve Jobs Biography by Walter Isaacson

And for all his flaws (and he had a few…) the dominant message from a man who built a company to the most valuable company in the world before his early death… was that things needed to be GREAT. 

“Good enough…. Never Is” (Brian Tracey)

Make it great and it will last. 

And as I mentioned – all of this is resonating at the same time with me. 
I am working with someone to push me higher and further in business and have been for about 3 months – His message is the same. 

“Build Something EPIC”

And as I look at the products we have in development – I am proud to be associated with all of them coming through. 

That wasn't always the case – but on reflection of a few, and asking… are they EPIC? I took them OFF the shelf and have had them back on the drawing board to make them a stand out. 



I mean… we may as well… RIGHT? 
We are all here for the same amount of time… 

Why not do GREAT things. 

I am excited by what is in the pipeline – and what is coming. 
There is some projects to really ‘hang my hat on'  that are due shortly. 

The investment in development and such…. before we see a penny of income from them, I feel, will pay us back in a quality product that still stands out in 5 and 10 years time. 

Exciting stuff. 

Taking that view and learning new skills in terms of marketing and product sales – 

I am thrilled to look at some of the goals and dreams that we have set as a family and push them UP 

very very cool – 


Let's get building 🙂 


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