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When I started my own business, more than a decade ago – one of the biggest ‘traps' was that I was earning good money as an employee already.

I say ‘traps' because, as awesome as that was – it was also the handcuffs that kept me from taking the leap of faith. I've really never looked back, but luckily for me – I found an opportunity I could work hard at, during evenings, and weekends – that built up over time to become something serious enough – to eventually support the family and I when the time was right.

I tried a LOT of different avenues. I tried all those ones where you had to approach family and friends and have meetings in your house – none took.

I tried grabbing ‘high converting' offers from places like Clickbank and Amazon, and sending clicks in that direction. nope – not enough came from that.

Eventually – I had the breakthrough making sales to businesses, of a software program – I had written for me, that was used for generating leads. Those were the days where we still had to have a CD of the program, that people used to put into their machine and run 🙂

It was our first breakthrough.

I'm thrilled now, that we get to give that same opportunity to NEW entrepreneurs, but without the cost, and mistakes of developing their own software.

We own a platform, that's cost over $400,000 to build and maintain – that is in demand from businesses all over the world. And we make a limited number of Reseller Licenses available for people who want to start something real – and build a substantial business for themselves.

Resellers pay a yearly fee of $497 – which gives them the license to sell our business software, as if it was their own. With one sale of the programme putting them in profit straight away. We handle Development, Support, and all the expensive ‘back office' sides of things – as we incur those costs anyway. Resellers get to simply focus on building their business. One sale and they're in profit, they can build a significant recurring income into the 6 figures – while they are still ‘doing what they have to' each day.

If you'd like to find out more, or know of people that would welcome the chance to do something a bit more for themselves – Check Out The Presentation we have by clicking HERE – or contact me at any time.

Yours in Success

Walt Bayliss

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