Some Awesome Updates Coming into Our Software!

I have just been going through some of the updates coming to our premier software suites in the next few days.

In PR Powershot we are adding some great integration.

the first is with the web ranking goliath of – this will mean that users will be able to see the Alexa ranking of any website – as they are looking. While Alexa doesn't give actual traffic statistics, it does give a global RANKING of sites. The LOWER your websites ranking on Alexa, the better.

So… For Example – this blog ranks about 800,000 in Alexa… and that means it receives on average 50 – 70 visitors per day.

Google, Facebook and Yahoo are ranked 1,2 and 3 So the lower you are the better.

PR Powershot (at time of Writing) is ranked about 24000 in the world – and receives about 500 – 700 visitors per day. So when we add the Alexa ranking to the results, we will be able to give a better understanding to how much traffic is coming to the sites before you buy.

As always – any updates we add to the software – are given free to exisiting customer – Buy PR Powershot Here

The Second Addition to PR Powershot is the addition of the ‘Internet Way Back machine' which will show the websites you are looking at as SNAPSHOTS from the past. So you will be able to see what WAS on that site… and perhaps the reason why it was given a higher PR.
this also helps to strengthen the REAL vs FAKE pagerank of sites – as you will be able to see if perhaps the site was given a redirect in the PAST – and then removed before Auction… not a good buy if that is the case.


Th G Alert plugin has been a MASSIVE success for many many people. Allowing people to have great content coming through into blogs etc – and helping with ranking and traffic.

I use this plugin on over 200 sites myself – all looking at bringing in various types of content – and using those sites for links, or for advertising revenue.
The additions to G Alert are VERY cool.

First of all – we are adding the integration to ARTICLE BUILDER

The effect of this is MASSIVE. What it means is that content added from the G Alerts and other RSS feeds that can be consolidated and curated – are now ENRICHED with random article paragraphs.
This gives the content a MUCH more rounded look – very VERY pleased with this addition.

you can see the style of content now coming in on the plugin here –

You will need to Subscribe to Article Builder for this to happen – you can do so here

It isn't cheap – but again, you can use it on unlimited sites… very powerful stuff.

The second addition in this area relates to SEO on the posts made. We are integrating with an SEO plugin, to help the META tags be filled in, on the blog posts as they are automated. More on this in a few days.

The Additions to the G Alert plugin will actually be a seperate plugin in entirety – called G ALERT PLUS. and will be FREE to all G Alert customers.


So – grab yourself the subscription to Article builder here –

And hit me up for an early release of the GAlert PLUS plugin if you want to help us test the final phases (due for release in about a week)

So – GREAT news for our product owners. We just keep getting better and better!


Yours in Success

Walt Bayliss

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