Response on support desk… I Need Traffic

Hi Guys, 

I just typed this as a response to someone who hit the support desk, facing the BIGGEST challenge we all do online. That is – getting TRAFFIC to our offers and websites. 

This is as I wrote. 

Hi Tarin,
thanks for the email.
Do you know what? You are not alone.
That question is the one that plagues more people than any other online.

There are MANY ways of generating traffic – but they all boil down to one thing – having something of interest that pulls people in.
Now – that could be content… Which is found in the search engines and clicked on by people
It might be videos – that people find, watch and click to.
It might be banners, showing up on websites where the people you are targetting hang out
it might even be facebook groups and pages, or tweets which the people you are interested in targetting are following.
The more time I spend in the industry – the more I realise that PAID traffic is THE ONLY traffic.
What do I mean…?
SEO traffic is AWESOME
and it is strongly recommended, but the issue I find is that there are billions of people on the planet –
hundreds of thousands that you are looking for… and only 10 spots on the front page for any given term.

So – What works for that.
Pure and simple
not just content on your own site (needed)
but also content on additional sites – with links pointing back to yours (loads of information out there on making sure to have the right combination of links etc)

So… SEO traffic is great. Love it.
but REALLY hard to control.

You need PAID traffic.
Traffic where you are able to DEFINE who your buyers are.
Find out where that person hangs out.
BUILD communities (like facebook pages etc) where they can gather
And then BUY traffic from other sites in the similar spaces that can send you the people.
The big problem is that most people get this last step REALLY wrong.
And end up blowing BIG bucks – for very little return.
Trust me – I have done this… MORE THAN ONCE
I just finished going through a webinar this morning on building facebook pages etc – which is only up for another short time

But if you can watch that one – where Ben talks about Quantcast – to profile his people and then targetting ONLY those that are in the right group. NOT being tempted to add in billions of other search terms, in the hope you will find people.
You will get some value out of that.

I also have just come across a system called
where, once you have a complete breakdown of WHO is your target market – these guys can then put adds on the sites where those people hang out.

Paid traffic – you can control.
Once you get it right, and tweak enough – for every $1 you spend you can get $1.50 back.
Once you get to there – you can just scale it up.

Also – look at Retargetting. It means that there are systems out there that make sure WHEN someone sees your site – they are shown ads about it on all the other sites they visit.

I put some details of that one on a blog post here –

So – first profile your buyer.
Get to the real details.
Then….. use these systems to put your message in front of them.

I hope that helps.

Great to have you with us.



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