One Week in Vegas (Affiliate Summit) And One Morning Of WOW

What an incredible time in Las Vegas last week. 

I traveled over there to attend the Affiliate summit WEST 2014 

and I am SO glad to have done so. 

A big part of our income is generated from Affiliate marketing 

(promoting other people's products or services) 

and, as well as that, the majority of our sales revenue is generated from OUR 

affiliates. (thank you!! We love you!!) 

So, without knowing what I was to expect… 
I jumped on a plane (20 hours flight… each way) 

Booked a hotel (not cheap in Vegas!)


And spent a week ‘on the road' 

What I learned – was amazing. And the contacts and connections… Incredible
Will take my business to a whole new level on their own. 



But let me get to one piece of the puzzle that stood out above all and see if it gives you a hand up in
whatever YOU are doing online. 

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The biggest thing that blew me away was traffic. 
And specifically the way it is generated, ‘dialled in' and scaled. 

I had breakfast with a couple of guys that are ‘traffic vendors' 
and had available to sell – more than 30 MILLION impressions per month!

And they were ONE of probably 200 PLUS such vendors at the conference. 

The ‘Big guns' of affiliate marketing are playing the game to win. 

they don't care about launches. They care about a VERY SIMPLE formula. 

Find a high converting offer – 

Define the perfect customer for that offer
(age, sex, occupation etc) 
And buy traffic to meet that profile. 

Simple. Effective. Scale-able

And here was the ‘kicker' 

As part of the Affiliate Summit – I had the chance to meet with the guys
from Clickbank –
And they got me a pass to the next day's conference called ‘ClickBank Exchange' 


And this is where the morning of PURE WOW
came into play. 

Some of the biggest marketers in the world 
(including Mack Michaels, Tellman Knudson and the ‘Billion Dollar Man' – Kevin Harrington)

Were there attending and speaking. 

The biggest focus….. MOBILE! 

The message was pure. 

MOBILE traffic counts now for more than 70% of traffic

Meaning this…. 
Your emails, Blog posts, Sites you are looking to make money from… 
Needs to have a mobile focus – 
Or you LOSE your audience to those smarter and faster moving who ARE ready. 

Every landing page you ever set up…. 

Every affiliate offer you ever promote – 
NEEDS to be Mobile friendly. 

*Get Your Sites MOBILE Ready. CLICK HERE*

that is just fact. If you miss it…. you are dead in the water. 

For me – I am changing everything with these two messages in mind… 
Scale up and drive traffic – 
And make sure all the web properties are MOBILE friendly. 

If you are online – and not catering to the NEW browser methods…. 
You will be out of business quickly. 

As a matter of good timing – 
There has been a ‘drag and drop' mobile site creator
released this week by some very well known people in the space – 

And make sure your sites are set for Mobile. 

Take note… 

The world of traffic… is just getting started. 

It has LESS to do with Meta -tags and backlinks

and more to do with getting your offers in front of the people already in the market to BUY. 

Make sure YOU are heading in the same direction as well. 

Yours in Success

Walt Bayliss. 


PS: Grab the Mobi-Ease system here: 
One time fee – unlimited use. 
With the way the traffic is coming these days – this is a must have change 
for anything you are doing online. 

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