My Advice to Kevin – How to build a list

Kevin asked me this morning. “

” I also wanted to ask you do you have any courses about getting started with building a list to market to? I am having a hard time knowing where to start. I would appreciate any help you can give me.

Thanks – Kevin.”

This was my reply.

Hi Kevin, 

well there are plenty of ways. 
The BEST method by far follows a simple formula.
1). It all starts with knowing the NICHE of people you are going after
(are they photographers, rose gardners, MLMers, SEO people etc etc) 
2). find a product of value in that niche that has PLR rights (Private label rights) 
And get it rebranded (use – it is the easiest) 
Or simply create your own product – I say simply… because if you can describe what you need to be done, people on odesk or elance (my preference) will be able to make it for you easily. 
3), set up to be able to give that product away. 
I recommend two main systems here. (for building HOT looking giveaway pages) 
And for keeping the database, delivering the product and also ongoing marketing
So – build the giveaway page on leadpages, connect aweber. 
Make sure the first ‘follow up' message on Aweber delivers the product. 
4). drive targeted traffic to the leadpage. 
and I say TARGETED
Meaning – you need to get out there and drive the traffic yourself. 
My preferred methods (at the moment) Are banner ads on sites that are relevant and in the same niche
And Facebook – the ability to set a target on facebook is second to none. 
You WON'T get this part of the process done correctly the first time. Or even the first few times. 
Expect to be paying, and not seeing the right results – but track EVERYTHING and fine tune it. 
i suggest you put aside a budget, that you are comfortable with – and think of it as your ‘University fee' for this arena. 
The first thing you do when any sales are made is to top up that budget, so you always have room to learn and grow. 
I know that isn't a full blown course – 
But I hope that helps.
Great to have you with us.
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