My Advice to Dale

I sent out this advice to Dale, who found himself struggling.
I hope it helps.

I wish I had time to go through this with you more thoroughly.

The PLR products you own – let's get yo doing something with those.

Set them up on a page where you can put in a buy button
you can use blogger or wordpress if you want to use something free –
or your own domain, if you have one.
put in the description and a picture of the product

Goto JVZoo – and get the product setup and available for sale
JVZoo will generate a Buy button for you
put that on the page
then – JVZoo will also have an affiliate link – so people will be able to promote your product for you.
this is important for the next step.

Now – think about the people who would buy that product
and go to facebook
and search for groups or fanpages that are about those topics
contact the owner of the group or page
and offer them 50% of any sales made, and give them the link where they can get the affiliate link from JVZoo
they post the affililate link on their page or group
and get 50% of any sales made.

Setup JVZoo with an instant download link for the buyers

make sure JVZoo is set to automatically add any buyers to an autoresponder for you.
this costs money – (the autoresponder)
but is the lifelblood of any system, moving forward.

NEXT – go to some of your recent purchases
and use them thoroughly –
While you are using it – DOCUMENT everything you do, every step
what works, what doesn't
Turn this into a PDF
and get a nice image made up for the cover on

You now have a ‘how to' guide on one of the products.
contact the owner of the product – saying you love it, and have put together the ‘insiders guide;
and you are trying to get started in Marketing, and would they mind posting a link to your guide on their facebook pages etc.

Do this again and again

The more BUY BUTTONS you have on the net – the better

while this is happening –
ALWAYS make sure you are adding people to the list
every single sale – on the list
ever single giveaway… on the list
JVZoo makes this easy – with the integration.

Post everywhere and often

Find things called ‘credit mailers' where you can sign up for free
get lots of emails sent to you
and click on those emails for credits

the credits allow you, in turn to send to the lists of people

steer them to your own free signup pages
where they get some good material in turn for their email address

on each free signup page – make sure the person is sent to one of your buy button pages
as soon as they sign up (this is called an oto or one time offer)
they sign up to get their free guide, or report
they immediately get shown your buy page.

Do this again and again

The best (and only real) way to make money is with your own product.
the PLR will serve as your own product initially –
but you need to get it in front of people who will buy it…
hence contacting the page owners etc.

What ever effort and energy you think it will take –
times it by ten
and go after it with crazy focus.

I hope that helps man, I really do.

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