Marketing Lesson 1… Getting Your Message To The RIGHT People Is Paramount

All your marketing efforts (and money!)

can be wasted, if you are not putting your message in front of the right people.

Let me give you a personal example.

When we started our software company – one of the first products we released was a cashflow and money management tool.

It still sells well today… but it didn't we started.

The reason for slow sales (almost non existent) when we started, is I simply didn't have any clue about getting this to the RIGHT people.

I thought, as many people with a great product or service do, ‘Hey! everyone will grab this!'

But I couldn't have been more wrong.

You want to make sure that if you are advertising products about fishing (as an example)

That your message is being seen and heard by people who are actually INTERESTED in fishing. Right?

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As an easy test – let's look at these situations.

Situation 1). You spend $100 on advertising – and it goes to everyone in the world…

Ok. Let's say everyone in a 100 block radius. 🙂

teachers, doctors, store workers, even kids.

Anyone and everyone. and you HOPE that someone in there, is interested in your ‘fishing' product and comes and buys something off you.


Situation 2). You spend the same $100 and you are able to target (very specifically) people who like fishing, are members of fishing groups and who follow online sites and magazines about fishing.

In WHICH example – would you expect to make more sales of your fishing related products?

That's easy – right?

the second one would be a clear winner.


When it is laid out like that – you would say this is clearly obvious.

Yet – most people miss this really valuable step.


This one piece of advice alone can dramatically change the results you get from ANY  marketing campaign you are doing.

Who is your ideal customer?

What do they do? How old are they? What other topics are they interested in?

Where do they hang out? what do they subscribe to?

The more detail you can go into here: the more likely it is, that you can place and position your product directly in front of them.

If you do nothing else right in your marketing, this ONE STEP ALONE will dramatically change the way you run your campaigns.

before you spend ANY money on advertising to new customers – make sure that you are getting the messages in front of the ones who will WANT to see it.

Make a promise to me ok?

Promise – to think through who it is, that would be attracted to your product or service.

When you do – your results will be MASSIVELY different. And you will save yourself A TON of cash and YEARS of struggle, trying to get it right.

I hope that helps.

Yours in Success

Walt Bayliss

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PS: As an advanced technique….

What if you could find a group of people…. that were already interested in a particular topic or field.

And you could ask them all about it.

Find out what was missing… or what that group of people really felt like would make a difference to them.

And then you could actually create or find and market (as an affiliate) a product that fits that need….

It is almost unfair.

But – success rewards those that solve problems for people. 🙂

See how many you can solve.

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