Look At Where You Are Spending Money. That Can Be Your Big Income Source!

Hi Everyone,

If you are anything like me in business – you are constantly ‘shelling out' from your own hard earned money.

You buy Advertising, Training programs, Software etc etc.

Where your money is flowing to… You can turn that around and become TOP of the funnel –
So the money flows TO you instead of away from you.

You have to be on the right side of the current!

This was a HUGE turning point when I got started.

I was constantly spending money on advertising – looking at ways of expanding my business –

And one day – like a light bulb… I realised… Hey! I want to be the person RECEIVING the money… not the one SPENDING it.

So –  in that example…. I looked for a system that allowed me to setup my own advertising site and the money really did turn the other way and start flowing  TO  me.

A big change.

So Where are YOU spending money???

Do you think that other business owners – small or large, are spending money in the same places?


So – this is where you can put your thinking cap on, and start to see some changes in the way the cash flows.

One example – from a recent contact.

Looked at some software they had recently purchased on the Warrior Forum (a good source of online knowledge and a VERY active community)

The software was excellent – and performed an outstanding task.
But what our person did – was do up some documentation, a spreadsheet program, and some youtube videos – that greatly added value to the package.
The original vendor was thrilled – and promptly mailed his database list – and sent just over $4000 of sales to our hero.

Awesome huh???

What about looking at popular programs like Adsense, and classified ad sites –
Find ways to bring MORE value to those arenas and BOOM – you have your own products and value to offer the market.

Value (plus leverage) = MONEY!

In the example above – the leverage was working with the original vendor and his database. But leverage can come from anywhere – including email lists, facebook groups, pay per click marketing and loads more!

So – the secret then…. is looking at where you are spending money.
And putting something out there – that creates great value for the people who are also spending money in those areas.

I use a program and a system (personally) to build easy add-ons to some of these big sites.
You can find out more on the page http://massautomate.com  if you are keen.
(be sure to see the page where I picked up a $900 cheque with a simple tool over a coffee)

And this business approach – can be a great tool for you to take forward.
Think – not only where YOU spend money… and build value – but where other people and businesses spend THEIR money too –

If you can reduce what they spend… or increase the value of what they receive… then you have a business model that will succeed and be welcomed by the market.

Go Get Em!!

Yours In Success

Walt Bayliss

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