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http://discover.gojeo.com Lead Generation with cold email outreach is one of the most scaleable ways of generating income for business.

When you are looking for ways to fill your sales funnels with lead generation, there are several ways to go.

As Jason Lemkin talks about in his book ‘Predictable Revenue' the concept of ‘Spears' is where you are putting out targeted, specific emails to individuals – that you have chosen to be the right fit for your business.

Why is this cold email outreach and lead generation in this way so effective?

well – if you have your market well defined, as in, you can easily say WHO is your ideal customer (and if you can't – make this your top priority to get done)
then, with that avatar of the perfect customer
you can search and FIND those individual types of companies and spend quality time in your lead generation by reaching out to them individually.

Cold email outreach as a method of generating leads means that you are specifically emailing a particular person and a particular company because you know that your product or service will be a good fit for them.

Other lead generation methods including advertising, or content creation for ‘inbound' leads are still ‘wishful thinking'.

However a targeted cold email as a lead generation technique (note we are NOT talking about spamming 1000 business addresses all with the same message. that is a NO NO)
is a terrific way of getting those leads into your sales funnel.

Using some great technology that is out there today, such as the lead generation software called Discover – http://discover.gojeo.com
is an awesome starting point and will mean you can search by industry sector and location for your leads.
Tools such as Discover will find the email addresses for those indivudual people and you can then move to a direct contact with them.

Got to love it when tech makes it easy, right?

Lead generation and effective cold outreach emails should form an essential part of your overall marketing strategy.

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and the other program I referenced is LemList – lemlist.com

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