EPISODE 53: Natasha Mackenzie – What the Heck is Liquidity and Other Dangerous Business Terms

Superheroes sometimes wear spreadsheets Business and People Podcast With Walt Bayliss Episode #52: Natasha Mackenzie¬† What the heck is liquidity and other dangerous business terms. Pushed out of her job 5 years ago, Natasha started her own small business in the accounting space and now talks through that journey of getting started and some of…

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Webinar Replay 15th Feb 2020

Advertising. Outsourcing and the Fundamentals of Making Money On this free training webinar, we covered YOUR QUESTIONSWhich is always something we aim to do. How to succeed in online business and how to move through some of the obstacles. In this free online business training we covered, advertising and outsourcing and answered questions relating to…

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