It’s The Stories We Tell Ourselves, That Determine Our Future

Don't you think?
We all tell ourselves stories.

Things like “I've never been good at running”
Or “It's not really my strong suit”
Or “I rule the dancefloor”

In every situation in life.

“I've never been good at cooking”
“She's out of my league”
“I just can't resist chocolate”
“I Always land on my feet”
“I don't want to seem too pushy”

and on and on it goes.
And it's these stories that we tell ourselves that will determine how we act in any given situation.
When you're facing a decision, or deciding on what you will do or say, it's those same stories that will change the results of whatever we are facing.

Now… that's both good and bad.
Actually… That's me trying to put a positive spin on it – it's mostly bad.

We talk ourselves out of opportunities. We talk ourselves INTO stress. We talk ourselves out of ‘having one more try' and more often than not, days and weeks pass us by, without our noticing, because of the results of these stories that we tell ourselves.

Now the good news 🙂

YOU are the Author.
You decide the ending 🙂

Isn't that GREAT!

It's hard to do – but it's awareness that is the first step.

Being AWARE of the story as we face a situation, and deciding if we want to keep getting the same answer or not.

When you have faced this before – what happened?
Was that the result you wanted? – if so – then GREAT!
You don't need to change anything at all.

If not – if the last time this same situation presented itself, you wound up regretting the outcome, then now is the time to change the story – for a different ending.

BUT – recognise the fact, that you are the editor – coming in, halfway through a script.
In my experience, I've found that it's almost impossible to simply ‘Do something else' in these internal stories.

I've found that you can't go from “Chocolate is my weakness. It's Only one”
Straight to – “I don't eat chocolate”

It almost feels like you need a buffer. You need to subtly change the direction of the story – rather than do it in a big THUMP to the side of the head.

Change the wording slightly of the story

From “I've never been good at running”
to “Running and I haven't been that close these past years, but we're getting to know each other better”

Or ” that has never been my strong suit”
To “I'm really focussed on practicing that and I'm getting better”

From “Everyone will laugh at me”
To “Although this is uncomfortable, I know I need to do it – to achieve my goal” (And by the way… people only give you MILLI seconds of their attention. they are too focused on themselves. so… it may hurt, but it won't last. I'll cover that in another post)

It's these subtle changes in the story that you tell yourself, that will make the difference for today – and therefore for your future.
Awareness is the key step.

Be aware, that you do tell yourself stories.
Listen to them.
Ask… is that ok?
Is that the result I need?

And then you get to choose, how the story ends!
You're the Author 🙂

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