It’s No Co-Incidence!

5 out 5 of the last interviews I've done with Digital Agency Superstars… Answered the following question the same way.
Q: “What would be the first thing you did, in a new city, to rapidly grow your digital agency (again) to a successful level?
A: “I'd network as fast as I could. Meeting people and business owners in professional environments.

NETWORKING is the fastest path to growth.
Meeting business owners who can become referral partners and customers is an essential skill.

Worth practicing.

Reach out to 5 people per day – who would be ideal contacts (not prospects… PARTNERS) for you. just for ONE WEEK and I feel it would make a huge shift in your business.

Meet with them if possible (zoom is good these days for that! )

And meet with no agenda.
Find out what they do, and how you could be of service to them and their customers. Relationships will lead to business.

Professional Networking groups such as BNI are terrific.
Join a less ‘formal' one if the BNI rules don't match with your personality (I really enjoy the small group of business owners I meet with weekly)

It's conversations that lead to results.
Give it a try.

5 out of 5.

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