If You Do This… You’ll Be Ahead of 99% of the Websites Out There…. Part 2!!

This post forms part of a promise I made to everyone a week or so ago.

When I talked about the Plug and play Kindle system (click here if you want to find out more…) and in that post….
I talked about getting out there with an automated ‘3 Way Attack' that I do on every site I setup.

The attack is targeted at traffic (the life blood online) – And involves going after visitors using automated Youtube Systems, Pinterest Systems and Overall automation programs including social media and backlinks.

So –

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And let's look at the coolest Pinterest automation program ( Pinranker ) and how to use it.

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[kc_heading_pac_19_font_3 size=”35″ color=”#d70000″ ]And This Is Important…[/kc_heading_pac_19_font_3]

This is important.

The system of Pinranker is normally very expensive….

It has some amazing features (like the Amazon direct pinner etc)
And includes in depth training on pinterest account setup etc.

Version 2 JUST launched, and Mark is doing a HUGE Launch special pricing for a very limited time.


It is the most complete Pinterest system I have seen (And I have bought… all of them)

And it is SIMPLE to use and very powerful.

The license is for multiple computers (think – outsourcers…)

And if you purchase this offer  –  you will also get an INCREDIBLE offer shown to you (less than half price) for the Automated YOUTUBE software that I use in Part 1 of the three way attack.

Remember – not just for the Kindle system.

But for ANY site you want to get more traffic fro, if you setup and run the 3 way attack…. You will be STREETS ahead of the next closest to you.

Grab the software for Step 2 (pinterest) Here.

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And be sure to stay tuned for the complete system.

Yours in Success.

Walt Bayliss





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