How to get leads from Facebook and Automate the Follow Up

getting leads from facebook is a crucial marketing skill – and where most of the time, we put up image ads or videos – looking for people to CLICK and visit our site – what we really want is a lead. 
Someone that is interested in our business and wants to talk to us further about becoming a client. 

In my previous post 
I showed how (especially now) people can use ZOOM and calendly to do ‘face to face' meetings without any actual contact. 
So I'm adding to that with this one, bringing in leads from Facebook lead ads and automating the follow up with Zapier. 

Of course we have our own lead generation software too, that would save you spending a fortune on facebook ads  – but this is the real reason we do advertising, of any form, to bring in leads. 

So don't go for the click… go for the LEAD

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