How and Why To Create and Launch – The Shortcuts

To Launch Or NOT To Launch

That isn't really the question ๐Ÿ™‚

any more for me – anyways.
Getting a product up and online – was frightening…. And actually still is.

But – Quickly, I learned that the fast track for building long term income, as well as a list of subscribers was by having my own products online.


the best lists – are responsive buyers in your market.

And the only way to have those people with you, on YOUR database… is for you to have a product to sell.

For me – The first one…. Sold a handful only.

the second, a bigger handful – and so the growth went on.

Hopefully though – I can share some things that may shortcut the process for you.

I'll break it down into 4 areas for you

Product, Design, JV's & Launch


What are you going to sell?
Do you have a product already?

For a lot of people this is simply too hard. Coming up with this eternally important question of ‘WHAT' am I going to sell? (if you already have your product in mind… you can skip this part)

I will always remember what a good friend and million dollar copywriter said to me “You need to produce something that people will buy.”

Well…. Duh!

But hang on a second.

You really do need to look at that statement, because it is really easy to get wrapped up in something. Convincing yourself that it is useful, needed even AWESOME.

And forgetting the fact – that without an audience, that product will sit and gather dust – and cause you more heartache than happiness. Believe me – I have been there.

So – you need to produce something that people will buy.

Here is a good tip – go to marketplaces, like JVZoo or Clickbank or others – and go and look at the top selling products and systems.

Scroll through the top 100 or so – and note the categories.

What do I mean by categories?
Like this –

Is is a PDF training manual on SEO?

Is it a WordPress Plugin?

A Software product in the video niche?

that kind of broad approach.

Chances are good, that you will quickly see 5 or 6 categories that stand out – these are your best sellers in the marketplace and your best chance at success.

Step 2. – What is missing?

Or – What can you see that would be FANTASTIC if it was added to one or all of those products.

That is your best idea….. Write it down.

Brainstorm with yourself (or others of similar thinking) and come up with 4 or 5 others in the same area.

now (important…)
Pick ONE.ย 
(Just one – for now)

Don't discard the others – they will be your follow up products. But now we have a product Idea. We move onto the next part.


Now – believe it or not this is where MOST people stop.

How many times have you had that GREAT idea…. and done nothing with it.
only to turn around in a month or two – and see that idea for sale – making the creator a few hundred thousand dollars in the process.

So – the solution to that is ONLY


Write down your idea. In Detail.

I mean, like CRAZY detail. What it does, how it works, what colours you can see in your mind, how should it ‘feel' and be as specific as you can.

then – get across to Elance ( or and get some people to QUOTE YOU on building what you need.

This is FREE TO DO. (getting quotes I mean)

And you may be surprised… that it may cost a lot LESS than you imagined.

My first ever wordpress plugin cost me $800 to have built. (it went on to sell $35000 worth)

But at the time, I didn't have the $800 – I needed to find it.

These days, kickstarter or similar sites exist for that purpose.

For me, it was as simple as going to the garage and listing some unwanted stuff on ebay – and putting some on a credit card.

Get it DESIGNED – and built for you. you need to do this.

There is a BIG GAP here – with all the other things you need to prepare for launching a product. But for this post, I am only focusing on those four areas.


JV Partners can make or break your success online.

How do you get those ‘big names' to promote for you. it is really tough to do.

But – you can start with some basics.
Approach the people and be HUMAN. (please… no spam copy and paste ‘Will you promote my launch' )

Find out about them – promote something of theirs and let them know about it. No list?
Post about their product on facebook – and even do a promoted post.
tag them and then let them know (with the tag) that you are only just getting started – but this is something you can do for them right now, and hope it brings them business.

Approach people – give them a copy of your new shiny product (without them asking for it)

and tell the people what it does, succinctly – and how it fits in the marketplace.

Let people know your affiliates sign up page and your contact details.

You HAVE to build relationships – plain and simple. Do what you can for others.
And the only time to do that is RIGHT NOW. way before your product is ready.

Yes – WAY before. ๐Ÿ™‚

And Finally – The LAUNCH

Launch times are incredibly stressful and rewarding.

You announce a day and time (do this – even though you are scared)

and from that time onwards – you should be focussing on just TWO things.

1st – testing everything for your users, and making sure their purchase experience with you is solid.

and 2nd – contacting JV Partners on a continual basis.

When I launched Runclick in 2014 – I did over 100 personal videos – and sent them to the top JV Partners.

It took AGES – but that launch did over $250,000 in 7 days – so it was SERIOUSLY worth it.

Launch time is a crazy time. And is like the surfer when the wave comes in.
Man… you need to paddle like crazy to catch it and stay on… But that is the whole reason for being out there in the ocean.

If you want to get a really good breakdown and system in place (along with videos and step by step PDF)

for building your own product, and running a HUGE launch – head over and pick up Alex Jeffreys LAUNCH BIBLE 2.0
Which is on sale for under $10ย and is a complete walkthrough.
I wish I had this system and checklist when I was getting started ๐Ÿ™‚

If you do decide to pick it up, Do So from THIS LINKย  and I will include as a bonus, my private Launch Training Webinar – that I put together for people to help them accelerate their online business.
It will be waiting for you in the JVZoo members area after your purchase.

Happy Launching!
It is the fastest way to long term income and huge lists (assets) that will work for you for a lifetime.

Yours In Success

Walt Bayliss

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