Finding New Customers

Finding New Customers Starts With Defining Your Ideal Customer

When you are thinking about lead generation, and finding new customers to work with, one of the most crucial first steps is to tightly define your ideal customer or avatar.

You should be able to determine the demographics when looking for more customers.

Who are they, where do they hang out, what problems do they face.


Taking this essential first step allows you to really fine tune your marketing so that you are cherry picking the leads that will bring you the highest return.

Using tools like you can get a really tight overview of the exact specifics and demographics of those customers.


If you are just getting started you can even analyse your competitors sites to see what sort of people are visiting and go after them with your own marketing.

Once you have defined your ideal customer, you can look at ways of getting more customers in the same circles.

Inputting (for example) the type of business you are looking to sell to – and the location into will return you a very tightly targeted list of prospects that you already KNOW are the right kind of customers for you.


Defining your avatar or perfect customer doesn't exclude you from generating sales outside of that circle – far from it.

It actually helps you fine tune your message – and so as a result – get more sales from the circle of customers and increase that as the circle expands.


Generating more customers is the focus of all businesses. don't make the mistake of going after ‘everyone' it's expensive and frustrating.


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