Everytime you REFUSE – You win….

So this is what I know… 

Every so often, my programmers come to me and say… 

“I can't do that… it just doesn't work that way”

Oh. Ok. 

It can't be done…. 


This is more often than not my reply “Ok… I can think it… and I can see it happening like ‘this' in my head”
How about you come back to me in 20 minutes – With 3 ways it CAN be done… and let's go from there. 

And do you know what… 
They haven't let me down yet. 

Every time you REFUSE to accept the limitations that other people put on you… You win. 

I have found real truth (and strength) in the fact that most things CAN be done. 

And they ALWAYS work out in the end. 

this is of great comfort – because it stops you feeling powerless. 

You can do it. It can be done
Maybe it hasn't been done yet… 

But if you wait a week – it will be in the news, because someone HAS done it now. 
And unless you want to be reading about it… 
Get on and find a way. 

Great strength here…. 
 Love the momentum this can give you. 

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