EVERYONE’s Side Hustle

I promised I'd send you through a ‘side hustle' that anyone can start with – and put together really quickly.

It's been working for me, for a good number of years
and it's provided some great cashflow – even once our other stable businesses have been kicking some goals.

I had a ton of replies overnight, after yesterday's email, asking specifically WHAT it is – and HOW to do it 🙂
so – thanks, I know it's of interest, let me share the secret with you.

It started about 9 years back, when I was trying some different things online – and working a case study where I was looking to build an audience, quickly, around the cooking niche.
I logged into GoDaddy, and searched for a domain that was relevant.
I found one called CookingHeaven.com (I think it's been deleted these days)
but – I bought it for $10 and had planned to build out a ‘cooking blog' with recipes etc.
It was just 24 hours later that I was contacted –
by the previous owner who told me, she had always had the domain, and had accidentally let it expire – could she please buy it back from me and offered me $150 then and there.
Umm.. Yep!

no problem! I didn't care what the blog domain was for my project – and that was a QUICK profit, with next to no effort on my part.

fast forward all these years later – and we still sell domains, 3 or 4 a month now. (for at least $500 each)
And I target specific industries, in specific locations
and make EASY sales every week following a few simple steps.
We even built a software program, that does the searching for us –
And I've put all the training together so that ANYONE can do this.
And does it work?
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This is Benedict's story ($500 quickly)

  And this from Jonas 
who made a NICE return with a simple technique.  

And TONS of other stories as well.

So – if you are looking for an awesome side hustle, that's easy to get started and where the training is provided for you to step this up quickly –

CLICK NOW and check out our PR Rage Software

It's the kind of project you can do – when you have a few minutes. Or when you or your partner (or your kids, or your neighbour!)  needs to get ‘something' happening

It's an industry with NO specific skill set needed, and with the ‘academy' training we've included, that anyone can turn into a VERY nice side hustle.

I won't keep on about it –
It's always going to be one of our products, so you can come back to it – but if the stories above are any indication – it really may be something you can get into quickly.

Click Now to check it out

It's a ‘Side Hustle' on demand 🙂

Yours in Success
Walt Bayliss

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