EPISODE 67: From Brushes and Rollers to CEO of 120 Plus. Growing From The Garage with Rob Scott

Sometimes The Best Thing Is To Get Out Of The Way and Let My People Do Their Thing

Business and People Podcast With Walt Bayliss Episode #67:
From Brushes and Rollers to CEO of 120 Plus.

Growing From The Garage with Rob Scott. How to build a team of people and put systems in place that allow you to step back from day to day life. The Amazing Story of hard work and achievement.

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Show Notes:

I told myself there's no way in hell that I'm going to go into the construction trades. I want to wear a suit and be super fancy every single day.

I'm the only person that's ever called him, took them over to that offer and he's a local real estate developer. And he gave me the first project and things just starting to grow from there slowly.

I painted people's kitchens outside of people's houses just to make enough money for us.

I'm out figuring out what the world's going to look like in a couple of years and dabbling in a few other ventures

I know a lot of people who've done stuff very differently and some of them have a tonne more money, um, but they have built it so they have to grind every single day.

for years I made less so the business could function and run and put this gentleman in place and the team in place, we just have some amazing people.

that took 16 years to say, okay, things are all right. They're working.

I think one of the biggest things that I learned was falsely assuming, just because someone desires to do something means they're going to figure it out. Right. I should have taken more time to train different people the first couple of years instead of just give them chances.

that makes sure that the system's working and I don't want to go in and break the thing that is keeping everyone happy.

Dave Whitley and he, he literally changed my life for the better and it was painful. He was unrelenting. I don't even know why he did it for free and he really helped me out.

I think I still have to remind myself to put stuff on my planner to show up for those meetings, to be, to remind myself this structure brings peace of mind. That structure brings success.

So in construction, every time a project ends, we do a thing called lessons learned. What went right, what went wrong? What do we want to repeat? What do we make sure we never do again?

Change is hard on all of us. Some people adapt to change better or worse, but organisations, the more people you have in an organisation the harder change is to facilitate and to put in place.

And so we talk a lot about being kind. And I think that for us is facilitating exponential growth

And it's a big deal is to teach people in the space, what do I feel? Well, how am I feeling? Why am I feeling the way that I am? Because how can I be kind you respect to you as a human being, um, if I don't even understand myself.

honour, creativity, be you, we want you to be you, your ethnicity, gender, sexuality. Um, because that's going to differentiate us when we bring in all that diversity, um, creativity and grit. Those are our five values that we talk about in a regular day

I'm really happy. I could not be more happy. The way things are growing, structure, the pace at which they're going.




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