EPISODE 66: From Broke to Millions – Hustling To Success With Douglas Eze

‘Continually seeking knowledge'

Business and People Podcast With Walt Bayliss Episode #66:
From Broke to Millions – Hustling To Success With Douglas Eze.

One of the most amazing stories of inspiration. How a chance meeting in an Ihop changed this mans life from broke and living in his car to having amazing high Nett Wealth individuals as his clients.

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Show notes:

I just didn't want to be a traditional cookie cutter financial planner and you know, and the reason of that is just because I realised quickly that the same information that's been fed to the general public is not what the wealthy families are getting

cause it's not how much money you make. It's how much money you keep by understanding the principles of money.

I always had in my mind I wanted to be a millionaire. That was the goal.

I got into the business and I saw the possibilities of the business of financial services and I got in and I stay focused. I was consistent. It wasn't easy.

you can't become good at anything if you keep moving around. I stay faithful to this business and continue to increase my knowledge

I slept in my car and then every morning I'll go to a motel and I begged the manager to just let me take a shower real quick cause I gotta go to work.

there's different types of ways to create your business and set up your business correctly and how you could make sure your kids are also connected to the business.

just keep learning and then collaborating with folks that have the knowledge that you want.

There's always going to be opportunities that are going to present themselves. The key is, are you ready to take advantage of those opportunities?

I talk about media and the government, the banks, you know, I talk about those things because they're designed to get us into a situation where we depend on them

I do the things that I want to do. And that's the thing that I teach my clients. We don't tell our clients to stop, to cut down their lifestyle because we help them



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