EPISODE 65: Developing Core Leadership Skills 5 Minutes at a Time with Martin Lanik

When The Playing Field is Level, The Best Leaders Will Emerge

Business and People Podcast With Walt Bayliss Episode 65:
Developing Core Leadership Skills 5 Minutes at a Time with Martin Lanik.

Best selling author of ‘The Leader Habit' Martin talks about starting a business in a recession and growing it to include fortune 500 companies as clients. What does it take to move the needle in terms of leadership and growth.

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Show Notes:

that's really so combination of education and then getting the work experience and then really finding the right opportunity. That's how I got where I am today.

probably five years ago or so, when, when it felt like, okay, we got the product pretty stable we have we have a good understanding of the market. Like this could really be something that's when we raised money to then invest in sales, marketing and then start growing the business more more aggressively.

I think what keeps you, at least what kept me going is this this belief that really, you know, we could change the world and this could really be something our, you know, our internal mission as an organisation.

I think the biggest aha moment was when I started putting financial projections and like a three to five year business plan.

it came out of frustration with what was happening out there and what I've been seeing happening in the market.

how can we help people to internalise these micro behaviours so they don't need to read books or you know, they actually can start practising.

We spent five years going around the world. We studied about 800 managers, executives. And then based on this research, we're able to identify what are the key leadership skills. There's 22 of them. They break down to 79 different micro behaviours. And then we wrote daily exercises for each one of these 79 micro behaviours.

It reads your assessment results and based on that puts a development plan for you on a daily basis. It sends exercises to you and then it knows as you are working with it, right. It knows how much you have improved based on artificial intelligence

anytime you bring in an assessment, there's going to be resistance because every manager likes to think that they know best,

you need that level of standardisation because otherwise, you know, you cannot, you cannot make better decisions. If everybody is using different criteria

leadership and any sort of leadership development or discussions are ultimately about change

It's much easier to change your behaviour than it is or anybody's behaviour than to change somebody's mind.

this is a tool, but at the end of the day, if people don't use it and don't practise, then there's not going to be any change.



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