EPISODE 64: We ALL Need a Good Laugh and to Loosen up with Sharon Miller

Is laughter really the best medicine? Statistics say…

Business and People Podcast With Walt Bayliss Episode 64:
We ALL Need a Good Laugh and to Loosen up with Sharon Miller.

Why starting your day with the most difficult task may not be the way to go after all and how that little mirror in your car sun visor could actually your best therapist. LAUGH along and Enjoy.

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Show notes:

I was always looking for something to take away the worries. To take away the reality of the situation.

I heard someone talking about laughter therapy and I thought that's what I've just done. And I absolutely loved it and I just felt so good and I just loved seeing the transformation

I have learned that joy does work even though at the beginning of the journey was just about how to combine all of the skills that I have and use that as a, as a business model.

I think that we all love to laugh. We all absolutely love to laugh and we all love to see people light up.

but I think that the world is becoming much more a place of compassion and love.

let's see each other as humans rather than colleagues

when we are in a joyful state, we create the best work

let's take the face and the mask off and let's see ourselves as we really are, and let's see everyone else as they really are. Joy is who we are. We are joy at the core. And we just forget it as we get older, we forget how joyful we can really be.

You have CEOs crying in sessions and it's because they are remembering how unhappy they are because they haven't had laughed in such a long time.

brain doesn't know the difference between real and imagined. And that's very, very powerful going into corporate world when people are stressed out

It's peeling back the layers and, and seeing who we really are

we are so unloving and unkind to ourselves when we are not [happy]. And yet that is when we need our loving and our kindness and compassion the most

it was something very different. I guess that was the unique selling point that no one else is doing it.

the concept of laughter you'll have came up because when you're laughing, your exhalation breath is as longer naturally than your inhalation breath. And so your oxygenating and all of yourself

I may get on the phone and laugh with a pal to get me into a nice, joyful state before I do the stuff that I don't particularly like.

You get yourself in a really joyful place and then you do the work because that's when the good stuff comes




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