EPISODE 63: Through Confusion and Overwhelm to a Clear Path of Success with Kristy-lea Tritz

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Business and People Podcast With Walt Bayliss Episode 63
Through Confusion and Overwhelm to a Clear Path of Success with Kristy-lea Tritz.

From an early age of ‘organising' her friends, Kristy-Lea has the unique skill set of cutting through the confusion and overwhelm, often felt by Entrepreneurs – to result in a solid plan, that delivers success for the end goal.

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Show notes:

now I'm also returning back to helping people really create the business that they can live, not the one that takes over their lives.

planning is the absolute key foundation to create a, a solid business platform.

really helping them focus and narrow down on the things they actually need to do rather than things they feel that they need to do.

everybody and everybody's businesses look different and everybody has different kinds of routines throughout their day that help them get through their day.

I definitely like recommend outsourcing things because you can not as you go along, you can not do it all by yourself.

sit in quiet place and take a deep breath and remember that you're here to help other people with whatever it is that you're going to be providing.

the more stuff you hold onto inside of your brain, more that is just going to go around and around and around and around in a loop trying to figure it out.

it becomes endless of what you can do just by simply creating that silent space and starting to write down all that stuff that's coming through your head.

If you want to be successful as an entrepreneur, You need a community.



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