EPISODE 62: Lived in 60 countries and Startup Founder – The long journey with Steven Van Der Peijl

How Air Bnb and the Dynamite Circle have built this man's journey

Business and People Podcast With Walt Bayliss Episode 62:
Lived in 60 countries and Startup Founder – The long journey with Steven Van Der Peijl.

Starting out by unlocking phones and learning coding and hacking from a young age, Steven talks about living No where and seeing everywhere as well as the tough journey and incredible steps to build a future 100M company.

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Show notes:

all that I need is a computer and a good stable internet connection. And today it's this super easy to get there.

Let's make this software user friendly and then just sell it directly to the users. And I think I was the first one in the world to actually come up with that.

It's all with entrepreneurs that are location independent. So there's kind of a difference between digital nomads and location independence

Like us entrepreneurs, like we deal with a lot of loanliness, especially when you're travelling on your computer and to different cities and different countries all the time. So having that community behind you is just [amazing]

I spent $15,600 on all my Airbnbs and you know, the Ubers, the lifts that's basically how I get around in a city. That's 12 month period.

If you do the math for a whole year, that's a lot of extra time you could be spending on your business or relaxing. Because relaxing is just as important as to spending time on your business because that makes you be able to perform.

I don't really care about the weekend. Like it's meaningless. Like I can go out on a Monday and a Tuesday just as well as a Friday on a Saturday. I don't care about that at all.

So I had to make the decision to say like, okay, we have to start this from scratch, like from absolute zero.

we've been working out this for quite a while and you know, there's a difference between deserving and earning money

I think what's really important is that you get them to buy in and what you're trying to do.

one of the points that we always go through that me, myself or Neil leads at that moment is going over our values and about what we're doing.

doing it simple and taking what you already know is a better start than going with something completely new.

wished that I would've talked more to people one on one to get really a good, a better view of what they need and want and how their processes and their companies work.

we created a accountability charts so not an organisational chart, but an accountability chart where everybody is not per person, but it's per position and what they're accountable for. And then we were S we were going to, we are filling those positions with people like who fits where.

I don't wanna shoot for 10 million recurring revenue a year. I want to shoot for 50 or a hundred million. Like if we ever gonna get there, I don't know. But that's what I'm, I'm pushing and fighting for

if you do business to business like we are doing, you have a secondary model that's also really important and that's your business life cycle model.


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