EPISODE 61: Communication At Work – Peace And Harmony At Home With Carol Fox

Work-Life Balance sometimes means different cities!

Business and People Podcast Episode 61
Communication At Work – Peace And Harmony At Home With Carol Fox.

A former Iron Man competitor, top level athlete and President of the Women In Sport association, Carol has authored “Confident Communication For Leaders” and now consults in business to help with communication across all levels. Working and living in different cities!

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Show notes:
Cause at the end of the day it's just all about performance, isn't it? You know, how do we make the most of our performance, how we make the most of our time. And this is where communication becomes really important

you know, it's a mindset. I always say I love my customers. Cause when I love them, they love me. And then it all starts, you know, working around.

they reaching out to say, you know, we've got some funding we need to make an impact with it. You know, how do you go about empowering our women so that they'll put their hands up because when we have those role models, women, girls also get to say that passport ticket, if they get injured, there's still a way of them being involved in it.

that'll start happening more and more now that they've got exposure and yeah, more of the teams are starting to be sponsored, which is great because that means that we can start, you know, having some pay parity, which we have not had for a very, very long time. And the only sports that have got the pay parity at the moment are cricket Australia and our Matilda's finally.

It's really about understanding other people and what they need and how you can adapt your message for it.

If you are kind to yourself and kind to other people, all of this stuff falls into place. You know? I think that that's where we've got to stop judging ourselves but also stop judging others.

I think the hardest time in business in some of so many people will relate to it. It's when I stopped worrying about where my next dollar is coming from you know, I look at my diary and I don't see anything in and I stopped worrying about that. As soon as I do that business shuts down. But if I, I've been in it for long enough now to know that often if there's a break in my calendar, it's because I actually needed a rest. So I'm making the most of that that rest time now.

it'll often be, they turn up at the right time and while I'm talking to them, I in the back of my mind, I go, they need to be part of this journey. It's really great cause we've got the, we've got the same values.

We focus on equal opportunity for media time, wages, access to leadership positions. And we've got a project that started last year called women in sport photo action awards. And what we did is we realised that there just wasn't enough photos of women playing sport actually playing it. So we created a competition and that's gone Australia wide.

I think at my age and this part of my business now, I go with the flow. I trust my gut, I get ideas and I follow them through if they feel right.

most importantly take away tools or strategies that you don't just use at work. But these are tools and strategies that you can use at home, in your private life.


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