EPISODE 60: Sometimes The Box You’re In is Too Small – Finding Happiness with Lora Cheadle

From Corporate Lawyer to LIFE Choreographer – so FLAUNT IT

Business and People Podcast With Walt Bayliss Episode 60 
Sometimes The Box You're In is Too Small – Finding Happiness with Lora Cheadle.

The chat with Lora was eye opening for me – as she's progressed from a corporate law environment to founding the FLAUNT organisation – focussing on people and their happiness.

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Show notes:
I was judged for being a female, for being young, for being smart, for what I wore, for being too masculine, for being too feminine, for being, for being me. And along about the time I had my second baby, I thought, you know what? I went to law school because I wanted to help people solve problems and all I'm doing is arguing and this is not solving problems.

I left law and started exploring different modalities and kind of came up with this flaunt process.

People have this preconceived notion of what a teacher looks like, what an entrepreneur does, what a business person does. And the thing is, we are all very unique individuals. We have got this wide range of gifts and it's that whole round peg and square hole thing.

all of our soul sparkle. It just sparkles in a different way. And I needed to find my sparkle again so then I could figure out how to proceed.

We're, we're minds, we're habits, we're emotions, we're spirits, and we're bodies. And that's when I started pulling all three of those things together.

I thought that's what I'm doing with people. I'm taking their bodies and their habits and their life experiences and their level of education and their desires and their hearts and their souls. And I'm choreographing with them so they can create something meaningful and beautiful and passionate for them

We need to recognise and release our labels, our rules and our scripts because growing up, none of us are ever asked, how do you want to feel as an adult? How do you want to balance life? How do you want to live joyfully? We're always asked, what do you want to do?

F Find your fetish. L laugh out loud. AU the atomic symbol for gold is the golden centre of Flaunt and that's accept unconditionally. N is navigate the negative and T is trust in your truth.

Constantly afraid of what people are going to say and what people will think and never quite knowing and never quite feeling the way you want to feel.

And just like anything, if you do and you have never done it before, there's a learning curve. And you know, growing a business is challenging and you can only do what you can do when you can only know what you know.

We are all these walking brains. Education is valued, being thoughtful is valued, but you know, like I had mentioned earlier, we're more than just our brain. We have bodies too and our bodies have a lot of wisdom and intuition and emotion and feeling

success and relaxation go hand in hand. Being driven and being relaxed, truly go hand in hand. And when we're charging ahead, we're missing the joy. We're missing the journey.

And unless we're enjoying it, it's completely pointless. So move into the fact that you want to be driven, move into that fact and be like, yes, and it's always going to be here and there's always going to be something after this. How can I enjoy this now?

Well I think if lawyers did get more personal and quit watching the clock, we might achieve settlements that were more beneficial for everybody involved and people would spend a lot less on legal fees and it would be a better system.

when somebody judges you, it says something about them. It doesn't say anything about you.

It's that awareness of who we are, what we're putting on and why. Yeah.

One of the biggest ways I think we can all Flaunt is having an honest expression of emotion saying what's coming up. We tend to be so guarded. If we're confused about something, say don't apologise

So everyday we feel like we're living this lie and we get up and we pretend to be somebody we're not. And it makes us physically ill.



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