EPISODE 3: Nik Halik On Scaling Mountains Investing and Living a full life

Business and People Podcast Episode 3 Nik Halik

Living a 5 day weekend! Setting your future for maximum enjoyment

Business and People Podcast With Walt Bayliss: Episode 3

Nik Halik On Scaling Mountains Investing and Living a full life.

Nik is a bona fide rockstar! who has played on stage with Bon Jovi and others and has designed his life to be the ultimate thrill ride.
As a best selling Author, investor, mentor and coach, Nik focusses on designing a life to achieve what you really want.
Nik was medically confined to his room as a child with Chronic Asthma and looking out of his window, dreamed to touch the stars. Because of those dreams, he has funded himself through the NASA astronaut training program! and has been the backup astronaut on a mission!
Climbing into live volcanos and sleeping in pyramids, Nik travels the world and has designed his investments and lifestyle to suit.
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