AGENCYBUD PODCAST EPISODE 1: Franco Urbaez On Growing Your Digital Agency Organically

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AgencyBud Podcast With Walt Bayliss Episode #1:
Franco Urbaez On Growing Your Digital Agency Organically

Franco Urbaez has helped clients achieve millions of dollars in sales as well as coaching digital agencies to scale up to 30K a month and beyond. How did a kid, from a trucking company family achieve these incredible results? Franco holds nothing back in this AgencyBud exclusive. Enjoy! (and hit subscribe for more episodes at

Show Notes:

3:09 I ended up having to take on a day job and stuff like that. And that was my first real experience working in corporate America. And, uh, I hated it.

3:33 I thought I was intelligent, resourceful, capable to do it, figure it out on my own. And, um, it turns out that I wasn't so that I wasn't so, so, um, we actually blew through the $18,000, had a wife and two kids and mortgage, two car payments and um, you know, blew through all that money trying to get our first few clients, um, for a digital marketing agency. 

5:30 I honestly say that we literally stand on the shoulders of giants. You know what I mean? Like when you invest into the right coach and then what happens is you're literally buying somebody else's life.

6:32 So you're only going to be learning from life directly or you can learn it from somebody else who's already gone through the punches of life and just learn based off of their mistakes, based off of their failure, especially for their successes in their wins.

8:54 if you can do it one time, you can do it three times. If you do it three times, you can do it 10 times, you can do it 10 times, you can do a hundred times, right? So once it's possible that became possible in my mind and then there was no limit

12:28 If you actually have value and you can actually come to the marketplace with value and provide value to people who are listening then they immediately attribute that expert status, that authority figure to you.

16:47 Because nothing is new under the sun, right? Everything has been said before. We're all learning from each other but it's how you deliver the same piece of content from a different perspective.

20:38 when you just focus on delivering the best value you can to the person that's listening and you're speaking to, then all of that other stuff that you're worried about and stuff like that just goes out the window. 

22:34 whatever social media platform or wherever they are, make sure that you're actually fishing in the right pond. Actually speaking and sharing the content in the right vehicle where people are actually going to be consuming it. 

26:56 so you really want to make sure that you're choosing the right Facebook groups. But as for how we add value, the first thing is when you're joining a Facebook group, the first thing you want to do is become one of the boys

29:16 you're not going to look at content marketing to get clients today.

35:27 You connect the people who have the know how to do the thing and then you're connecting them with the people who need the thing done and then you get paid off of the connection. 

48:08 there's two ways to break your business. One, not enough clients and then scaling too quickly. And  you take on too many clients and then the quality goes down and everything. You're not prepared for it.So there's this fine line.

48:59 a book that changed everything for me was Profit First.

49:43 Profit first flips on their head and it says, okay, revenue minus your profit equals your expenses. And now that keeps you very lean as you're growing your business. 

52:05 I am where I'm at because I'm not good enough yet.

55:10 you can influence and persuade people with the, with the power of words and images. Okay. And so like, if you can have a mastery over your words and your images and persuade somebody to take a desire to action, it's the greatest skill.


Profit First by Mike Michalowicz [book mentioned in the podcast]


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