Crazy Good Value. 400 Audio Tracks and 120 Video Backgrounds less than $15


120 video backgrounds

over 400 Audio backing tracks and loops

And even more Motion Backgrouds and real world sound effects.

And the LOT for pennies on the dollar –

This is just crazy value – too good to miss.


My good friend Alex Copeland,

Is a professional video editor

And is doing something crazy –

With the biggest Audio and Visual bundle I have ever seen.

Use them in your videos,

Your presentations, your hangouts

even in your Ads….

This kind of bundle – at ‘real world' value would be close to $1000

Heck… I have paid more than $15 for ONE video motion background.

(and this whole PACKAGE is less than $15. Total!)

Straight up – incredible value.

Go And Grab It Here

Yours In Success

Walt Bayliss

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PS: The next time you do a video or presentation – you will think of this
huge offering.

Make sure you can reach out and call on it.


it is simply too good to miss.

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