Calm Down…. And Speed Up

Just a little personal thought and note.

I saw the quote ‘Calm Down… And Speed Up'
the other day in a group I am a member of… and I think it is really prevalent.

So much is happening. It is easy to get lost and achieve nothing.

What needs focus?
What is growing in the right direction.

Calm down… and speed up –

I love it.

Many Many projects take our focus and I am finding that if I can step back… and calm down.

Asking myself WHERE should I really be pushing forward.
I will know the answer.

Speed up – Comes by pushing the tasks to the people with the skills.

Doing all those tasks myself…. Impossible. Non achievement.

Find the people with the skills and get them working on the tasks.

Calm down… and speed up.
Let's roll 🙂

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