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We have come across umpteen number of successful business stories in this digital era. The last decade or so have seen the uprising of many entrepreneur and their successful ventures. Today let’s have a glance upon a man who helps other entrepreneurs to achieve great heights of success. Doesn’t that sound interesting!  ALEC HENRY comes from modest family, a successful entrepreneur and key business influencer. In last 18 months he has coached over 1500 entrepreneurs of all the levels. Once shy and introverted, Alec Henry wrote “the 13 laws to become a successful entrepreneur” and is now an established author as well. He has worked immensely hard with determination to reach this position in life and had set big benchmarks for others to follow. Alec opines that “no matter who you are or where you come from, you can really change your situation and have impressive results if you give yourself the means.” Alec believes when you start your own business – two things one should keep in mind – “BE BOLD AND MEET THE NEED”.  If you will not meet the need of customer and market, you will be never able to solve the problems which the most basic thing of a business to reach the goal. We see many business shut down in short period of time due to lack of several points like explained by Alec – “ meet a need, know how to sell and deliver to create satisfaction, recommendation to create virtuous circle around the business we are developing. All of these require good information and support.”


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The Business Strategy One Day Intensive Program With the Business Strategy One Day Intensive program, people can move forward in their business with clear strategies and confidence. Anna believes that people are capable of so much more than they think. Therefore, the Business Strategy One Day Intensive program is designed to help people maximize their potential and the potential of their business while moving towards success and efficiency. 


The integration of Carson Coaching into the Elevate platform will allow FIG-partnered financial professionals enrolled in Elevate to access Carson Coaching Online's all-inclusive subscription, Carson Coaching Online Pro complimentary or upgrade to one-on-one coaching opportunities, covering sales, marketing, lead generation, customer service and other functions. “This partnership represents the next step in the merging of the asset management and insurance spaces, with Carson Coaching joining our star-studded lineup of coaches on Elevate. We now have the most robust learning modules, top one-on-one practice management consultants and peer-to-peer coaches, and specialized marketing strategists available in one platform, setting us far apart from any competitor,” said FIG Director of Marketing Tom Lamendola.


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